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RCLS MS 365 / Email Services: Systemwide Groups

MS 365 info; Forms to use for email account adds/deletes/changes

Systemwide Groups

RCLS sets up and maintains "email lists" in Microsoft 365 referred to as "distribution group or groups" for specific groups of users with a common purpose. For example, the group "allrcls" is intended to provide all RCLS email users the ability to exchange, share and request information related to library programs and services from the staff at other libraries.

Click here for more information and to view the complete RCLS Email Policy.

Directors or designees, Click here to request a new email account and/or add staff to distribution group(s).


Groups can be posted to only by subscribing members:

2020census         Information about libraries and the census

acq                       Member library staff using the Symphony Acquisitions module

advocacy             Committee members involved with the RCLS Advocacy Committee

allrclsill                Inter-library loan liaisons at all member libraries

apoc                     Adult Programming & Outreach Council

allrcls                   All member library staff & directors (announcements and discussions of          
                              system-wide library service issues. If issues relate to a more specific audience
                              or issue covered by other mailing lists, do not post to allrcls)

ce                         Librarian Continuing Education opportunities/discussion

civilservice         Civil Service announcements/discussion for member library civil service staff

cosag                  RCLS Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Group

econtent             E-Content (designated staff that create carts for Central Library system-wide
                            ebook/digital audiobook pool collection)

erate                   News and discussion of state/Federal Erate telecommunications grant/discounts

envisionware     Envisionware public Internet workstation and print management system discussion

funlib                  Anecdotal Library Stories and Humor

friends               Members of member library Friends groups

fundraising        General discussion of library fundraising

gameslib            Video Gaming use in Libraries

gift                      Gifts & Exchanges open to all RCLS Libraries

infotech              Information Technology for Devices, Teaching & Programming

laps                     Librarians for Adult & Public Services

libasst                 Library Assistants at member libraries

libguides            Member library staff using LibGuides web content management software

libraryaware       Member library staff using EBSCO LibraryAware library promotion software

localhist             Local History and Genealogy Interest

marketing-tips   Discussion & Information exchange on marketing for libraries

notary                Member library staff Notaries

rclshybrid          RCLS Hybrid Libraries Information exchange

rclsils-it             Staff at Libraries that contract with RCLS for both ILS & IT services 

rclsils-only        Staff at Libraries that contract with RCLS for ILS services only

road trip            SRP Road Trip program promotion & information

socialmedia      Use to request RCLS to share any content or information on social media

sublist                Member library substitute staffing exchange List