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RCLS E-Mail Accounts: Home

Forms to use for email account adds/deletes/changes


Welcome to RCLS Email Services                 

Member libraries may obtain email service through their participation in the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS). Email accounts ending in the domain name "@rcls.org" are provided to member library staff (full or part-time) and trustees to facilitate communication between and among library staff and trustees within a library and between libraries and for conducting library business; accounts are for library business only.

Forms found on the MS 365 Account Requests tab of this LibGuide are available for directors or their designees to request a new Email address for library staff & trustees and add them to distribution groups.

RCLS sets up and maintains "email lists" in Microsoft 365 referred to as "distribution group or groups" for specific groups of users with a common purpose. For example, the group "allrcls" is intended to provide all RCLS email users the ability to exchange, share and request information related to library programs and services from the staff at other libraries.


Click here for more information and to view the complete RCLS Email Policy.

Directors or designees, Click here to choose a request form.

Login to your MS 365 Email account at Outlook: https://outlook.office.com