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Virtual Art Exhibits: Debbie Silberberg

This virtual exhibit space has been created to keep our past and future exhibitors visible to our patrons. We do hope that you enjoy this guide and we look forward to having live displays once we are able to fully open our doors to the public.

Debbie Silberberg

We live in a house in Valley Cottage that is 100 years old. A few years ago I started to receive treasures from my backyard including car parts, sea shells, glass bottles, pots and pieces of pottery and glass. I combine these treasures with needlework taught to me by my grandmother to create My Backyard Artifacts. My work can be seen on Instagram and Facebook at My_Backyard_Artifacts and I can be reached at

clean sweep

"Clean Sweep" measures 24'' x 24" it is made from found objects including a porcelain vacuum cleaner and a grill from a stove.

Breaking Dinner Plans

Breaking Dinner Plans is made from pottery and silverware. It measures 20" X 9.5"

Sailing Away

"Sailing Away" is made from pieces of glass, pottery wood and plastic. It measures 10" x 4"


"Brownie" is made from the front of a Brownie camera and wood. It measures  12.5 x 8.5”