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COVID-19 Resources: Home

Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19)


Welcome to our Covid-19 Libguide. We began this guide back in the early days of the pandemic, when people were desperate for information, and no one knew what was going to happen next. Although the crisis seems to have passed, we believe many of the information sources we have gathered here are still useful.

First, some statistics:

There have been more than 600 million confirmed cases world-wide and more than 6.5 million deaths. 

The country has now had more than 98 million cases and one million deaths from COVID-19, while New York itself has had more than 6 million cases and more than 73,000 deaths.(see the Johns Hopkins interactive map for details

More than 12 billion doses of vaccine have been given, world-wide. in the U.S. more than 627 million doses of vaccine have been delivered, and more than 41 million in New York. 79.9% of the population of New York is considered to be fully vaccinated, and 89.8% of the population over the age of 18. (NY Vaccine Tracker)

In the next box on this page we've collected links to information on receiving the vaccine for Covid-19 here in New York.

In the other tabs, accessible above, we have links to health authorities,, national and local government sources and area libraries that can keep you informed, help you evaluate whether to get vaccinated, take precautions, and suggest fun and helpful ways to spend our time while social distancing.

But to begin with, the Newburgh Free Library has compiled a list of hotlines in a handy, downloadable PDF formIf you prefer to view the hotline list in our guide instead of downloading it, just hover over the "Home" tab, above, and click on "Helpful Hotline Phone Numbers".

In addition, in the boxes below we want to give you some contact numbers you can use if you need immediate assistance. 

How to get Your Coronavirus Vaccination

New York State Vaccination Information

City of Newburgh: Free Transportation Services to COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

City of Newburgh residents can schedule a free ride to and from a vaccination appointment within 30 miles of the City of Newburgh. Advance reservation is required and can be arranged by calling the City’s Fire Department Dispatch at 845-569-7420.

Local Resources

 Access Supports for Living-Walk in Clinic in                   845-562-7244

Newburgh, NY (Mental health clinic)

Cornerstone Family Health Center                                  845-563-8000

Department of Social Services                                         845-291-2002

(Emergency housing, SNAP, HEAP, Medicaid,

and other community resources)

Independent Living                                                           845-565-1162

(Mental health and other human services supports)

Maternal-Infant Services Network (MISN)                         845-637-7205

(Support with diapers, formula , and wipes)                      845-522-1680

Orange County Department of Mental Health                   845-568-5260

A fuller list of local resources is available on the Social Services Tab