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JOHN HATHORN'S REVOLUTIONARY LEGACY by S. Gardner: Army Supply Depot at Warwick

Gen. John Hathorn of Warwick, NY led the local militia and served on the first Congress of the United States. Learn about John and his wife Elizabeth Welling.


In 2018, researcher Mark Hendrickson alerted the Friends of Hathorn House that there were letters about a supply depot for the Continental Army at Warwick. 

This was a complete surprise, because the community had carried forward no memories of this.  During 1780-81, several supply staging areas were very active, moving needed food from other areas up through Sussex NJ, Ringwood NJ, and Warwick, often then shifted to New Windsor or other areas as needed.

The letters were part of the Charles Stewart manuscript collection at the library of the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown.  Volunteers visited and photographed the letters mentioning Warwick.  Then they transcribed the letters.

What emerged was an astonishing story of the interactions between the Continental Army officers and locals.  Additionally, the letters contained proof of a visit to Baird's Tavern by Martha Washington.


[Illustration credit: Colonists drive a cart with gun powder. Engraving by Howard Pyle in Harper's Magazine, 1886]

The Transcriptions

Supply and Demands: The Continental Supply Depot at Warwick

Summary article written about the discovery of the records.

Sample Letter Images (courtesy of Fenimore Art Museum Library)

These sample images of the  transcribed Warwick area letters are provided courtesy of the Fenimore Art Museum.. Further duplication (except for personal research use) requires their permission.

Supplying Washington's Army

Some basic resources for understanding the "logistics" of supplying the army.