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Branding your library with Local History: Omeka

Enhance your library's image by uncovering your community's past! From book displays to online exhibits; learn how to introduce patrons to your local history treasures.



Omeka is a free, open-source software platform designed to create online exhibits for library and museum collections. If you've ever set up a blog using Wordpress, you can create an exhibit in Omeka. Another benefit of this service is it allows users to include metadata according to Dublin Core standards; which increases the searchability of materials.



  • Ability to create vivid displays online.
  • Adherance to metadata standards increases searchability of materials.
  • Free and open-source; can be used on multiple PC's and eligeable for free upgrades.



  • Prior experience building websites and web-blogs in Wordpress or Blogspot is a plus.

Examples of Omeka in Libraries