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Branding your library with Local History: Genealogists

Enhance your library's image by uncovering your community's past! From book displays to online exhibits; learn how to introduce patrons to your local history treasures.


Genealogists use primary and secondary source documents to conduct historical research to trace biological relatives through several generations.  Although often associated with historical research, genealogy is sometimes used to determine the probability of certain genetic disorders exhisting within a family. 

Print Resources

Here are some examples of print resources that could be helpful for researching family histories:

Church records

  • Congregation histories
  • Birth, death, marriage records
  • Family bibles or religious texts.
  • Probate inventories: list of items owned by the deceased at the time of death prepared by a coroner

Military Service Records

  • Published directories of individuals who served in the military
  • Regimental histories
  • Journals, diaries, letters, orderly books

Personal Items

  • Letters, Journals and diaries
  • Family albums or scrapbooks
  • Memoirs, biographies, anecdotal works
  • Health records

Legal records

  • Land deeds/ patents
  • Court records
  • Transcriptions of legal actions

Regional Genealogy Associations

Raise awareness of your collection by inviting a professional genealogist to your library. Professional Genealogy associations are passionate supporters of libraries and are willing to support local history programs.