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Branding your library with Local History: Students and Teachers

Enhance your library's image by uncovering your community's past! From book displays to online exhibits; learn how to introduce patrons to your local history treasures.


The introduction of Common Core Curriculem standards means an increased emphasis on analyzing and interpreting data and materials. Use your local history materials to create lesson plans for local schools or develop outreach kits that tell the story of a prominent or interesting local figure or event. History can be seen as a real-life detective story, where the student must use different resources to interpret an event that played an important role in their community. This also gives your library an opportunity to work with the school district.

Educational Tools

School Programming

A middle school technology class learns about the history of the Wallkill Public Library as part of a GO Grant sponsored project. The program involved recording oral histories as part of a digital walking tour of noteable buildings.