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Gen. John Hathorn of Warwick, NY led the local militia and served on the first Congress of the United States. Learn about John and his wife Elizabeth Welling.

James Miller's Commission Signed by Hancock

James Miller of  Warwick, who served in the Continental Army, was one of the few whose commission papers survived the war and were filed with their pension claim.  It was signed by none other than John Hancock on Feb. 24, 1776. [NARA Revolutionary War Pension No. 19881]

The Militia Men: Links to their Documents

The Militia Men: Otherwise Documented

  • Bennett, Abraham, Sr. (1715-1790) - (DAR record) Private in Col. John Hathorn’s 4th Regiment, Orange Co. NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.1, p.229)
  • Bennett, Abraham Jr. (1742-1795) - (DAR record) Private, NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.1, p.229)
  • Bertholf, Petrus(1746-1801) - (DAR record copy)Served in Col. John Hathorn’s 4th Regiment, Orange Co. NY; commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 22 Sep 1775; Captain on 19 Feb 1778 (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.1, p.242)
  • Bertholf, Samuel (1745-1813), married Elsie Alyea.  He signed the Revolutionary Pledge in Goshen NY and served as a Private under Col. Hathorn.  Their daughter Martha married John Ackerman of Ackerman Road in Warwick where in 2015 family member still lives.  John’s father Andrew, after whom Ackerman Road is named, also served in the war but in NJ before he migrated to Warwick. 
  • Bradner, Colvill (1718-?) - "Born in Cape May, NY, served in Capt. MInthorn's Company, Hathorn's Regt.  He died in Goshen, NY. His daughter Martha married Daniel Burt, Jr. (Source: Christiana: His Covenants are Kept by Carrie Rayner Ingham, p. 80-81.  Info. attributed to the Lineage Books of the DAR)
  • Burt, Daniel, Jr. (B. 10/20/1740) - Served in Hathorn's Regt.  Married Martha, daughter of Colvill Bradner. (Source: Christiana: His Covenants are Kept by Carrie Rayner Ingham, p. 80-81.  Info. attributed to the Lineage Books of the DAR)
  • Goldsmith, Richard (1711-1782) - (DAR record) Civil Service [Pathmaster of District Eight] Orange Co. NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.2, p.1182)
  • Holbert, John, Sr. (1741-1829), married Mary Bellas.  He served in the 4th Regiment under Col. John Hathorn, and was a Captain in Col. J. Clinton’s Regiment (DAR record; note: under "Hurlburt" in DAR index)
  • McConnell, Matthew (1739-1817) - (DAR record, pension) Sergeant, Served under Capt. Petrus BERTHOLF, NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.2, p.1948)
  • Miller, Alexander (1758-1843) - (DAR record copy, pension) Private under Col. John Hathorn; Sergeant under Col. Weisenfelt, NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.2, p.2022)
  • Stevens, Elisha and brothers Jonathan, David, and Joseph all served with Hathorn.  Stevens homestead shown on Erskine 1779 map, east of Wickham Lake.
  • Sutton, John, Sr., 1736-1818,  married Deborah Bennett, both faithful members of the Old School Baptist Church in Warwick (and slave holders).  He served in the Orange County Militia as a 2nd Lieutenant under Captain John Wisner, Jr. and under Colonels John Hathorn and Nicholls. (DAR record)
  • Vail, Isaiah (1731-1810) - (DAR record) Captain, Orange County, NY Militia (New York in the Revolution)
  • Wisner, Henry (1742-1812) - (DAR record) Captain in the Pond Co. of the Florida and Warwick Regiments under Col. John Hathorn, commissioned 22 Sep 1775;  Commissioned Lt. Col 19 Feb 1778, NY (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.3, p.3266)
  • Wisner, John (1722-1778) - (DAR record copy) Captain, NY [also in the French and Indian War] (DAR Centennial Edition, Pt.3, p.3266)


  • Miller, James (c.1747-June 27, 1831) Commissioned Feb. 24, 1776, 2nd Lieut. in Capt. Daniel Denton's 2nd company, 3rd New York regiment.  Promoted to st Lieutenant in Captain Charles Graham's co., Col. Philip Van Dorland's 2nd New York Regiment.  Served until April 6, 1778, was dischared at Valley Forge.  In Battles of White Plains, Trenton, and Saratoga(NARA Pension No. 19881)

Packing List for a Continental Officer

James Miller's pension file also includes an extremely rare broadside published by Fishkill's famous patriot printer, Samuel Loudon.  It details instructions for the enlistee.