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Branding your library with Local History: Audience

Enhance your library's image by uncovering your community's past! From book displays to online exhibits; learn how to introduce patrons to your local history treasures.

Who uses your collections?

Genealogists - Individuals or organizations interested in researching the history of a specific family group.

Historians - Academics (those who teach or professionally study history) and enthusiasts (those who research on their own time as a hobby or interest) who study historic events, people and organizations they feel have local, national and/or international importance.

Patrons - Specifically "Walk-ins". People who are passively curious about the old house they just bought, the history of a place name, or old photographs of the region. 

Students - Individuals who are learning about a local person, place or event as part of their history curriculem.

Teachers - Educators that want to incorporate an element of local history to fit with national teaching standards to make a lesson or project relevant to local students.