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Branding your library with Local History: Collection Scope and Survey

Enhance your library's image by uncovering your community's past! From book displays to online exhibits; learn how to introduce patrons to your local history treasures.

Conducting a Collection Survey

When performing a collection survey it is important to consider the following:

  • Items currently being collected by other libraries, museums, historical societies in your area
  • Important residents, organizations and/or events that define your community as "unique"
  • The geographic region your collection will encompass (village, town, county, region and/or state)
  • Landmarks and historic buildings 
  • The format of the items in your collection (still/moving images, websites, manuscripts, microfilm, artwork etc)
  • Storage and use space
  • The services you can provide (photocopying, exhibits, reference, research)

Mission Statements

 The result of your survey is the mission statement; a BRIEF summary of the collections and services you offer.



The Barberie Land Patent (also known as the Wallkill Land Patent), dated 1709.
Wallkill Public Library Local History Collections; currently stored off-site. 

Here are some examples of mission statements from libraries in our system: