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Local History/Newburgh Free Library: Local History Room

Mission of the Local History Room

The Purpose of the local history collection is to collect and preserve materials relevant to the history of Newburgh and New Windsor, NY. These materials are available to students, researchers and the general public.  The Library holds these materials in trust for future generations, and therefore they can be examined in the local history room only.  Historical records have been called the building blocks of history.  By saving them, we are helping to preserve the collective memory of our community.  We cannot fully understand who we are as a community if we don’t understand who we were as a community and what it once meant to be a member of that community.

Liberty Street and Courtney Avenue

One Room Library in Old Academy

Broadway and Grand Streets

AME Zion Church

Welcome to a digital sanctuary of local history!

Welcome to the Local History Resource Center, where the past comes alive! This LibGuide is your gateway to a treasure trove of historical insights, stories, and resources that bring the rich tapestry of our history to the forefront. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a researcher, or simply curious about the roots of our locality, we invite you to discover, learn, and connect with its vibrant history.

Location Update:

The Local History Resource Center has successfully relocated to its newly designated space on the second floor. 

Scope of the Local History Collection

The major emphasis of the Local History Collection  is historical information about the geographical area encompassed by the Enlarged Newburgh City School District.  The collection houses materials in a variety of formats including, but not limited to: books, pamphlets, local church records, local cemetery records, census records for Newburgh and surrounding counties, historic landmarks, land grants, maps, microform duplicated books, cd rom disks, photographs, post cards and scrapbooks.  The collection does not house materials in the following formats:  three-dimensional artifacts, original government or faith based records including marriage or death certificates, or posters.  The Library also provides access to Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest.  Clients who wish to use either of these databases must have a valid Newburgh library card.   


Appointment ONLY - Information for Local History Room Access at Newburgh Free Library

To schedule an appointment, kindly contact us in advance at 845-563-3617.

The Local History Room, situated within the Main Branch of the Newburgh Free Library at 124 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY, welcomes patrons to arrange appointments for material viewing by contacting the Local History Librarian Heather Henricksen-Georghiou at 845-563-3617 or Karla Quiroz 845-563-3639. Before planning your visit, we recommend reaching out to the local history staff. For any inquiries or assistance, including difficulty reaching the local history staff, please contact the main library at 845-563-3600. Keep in mind that they may be engaged in other tasks.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Access to the Local History Room

The 4,000-item collection is available for client use whenever local history room staff is available.  The collection is housed in a secured room to which a client must ask to gain admittance.  While a librarian is on duty at all times the library is open to answer your general questions about the local history room collection, local history room staff is not always available.  If a client is traveling a distance, it is advisable to call ahead so local history staff can plan accordingly.  Please call 845-563-3617 to make an appointment or check the staffing schedule.  Newburgh Enlarged City School District classes are encouraged to use the facility.  If the teacher expects staff to help with a program, prior arrangements must be made.

Gift Policy

Purchases, Gifts and Loans

The Library Director approves all materials purchases.  Donations will be accepted as an unrestricted gift.  Donations must be accepted by the Library Director or Local History Librarian by prior arrangement.  Items will not accepted on deposit except by a separate signed agreement that is approved by the library board.  The only exception is the temporary loan of items for exhibition.  Under special circumstances, items from the Newburgh Free Library will be loaned to the other institutions for exhibition.