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Using Ancestry Library Edition: Email, Save, & Print

For use in library only.


Emailing = Your personal Discoveries Page!!

Record pages can now be emailed to yourself or others from the Record Information Page or the Interactive Image Viewer.

  • From the Record Information Page: Click the orange "Send Document" button to the left of the indexed record to enter and confirm the email address that the item should be sent to. The indexed information found here along with an associated image (if one is available) are saved to the Discoveries Page.
  • From the Interactive Image: Click the orange "Save" button at the top right corner, then select "Send image home" to add the image and the indexing associated with the record (a.k.a., the Record Information details).

Regardless of how many items sent each day, only one email per day will be sent to the address provided. The email will contain a "View your discoveries" link that will direct you to a webpage containing a list of up to 300 of your emailed items so that you can access them in the future. The items are listed in reverse chronological order. If an item only has the indexed record, you will see a "Printer Friendly" link where you can review the record details and print.  If a record also has an image available, you may click the orange "Download Image" button to download and save the image to your computer or USB memory device.

To learn more about the Discoveries Page, click here.

Watch the short video below for additional details on this exciting new option!


Saving an Image

From within the Image Viewer, you may:

  1. Save an image (and its accompanying record information) to your Discoveries Page. Click the orange Save button in the top right corner of the Image Viewer and select "Send image home." In the window that appears, enter your email address and click the orange "Send email" button to add this item to your Discoveries Page and receive an email with a durable URL. 
  2. Save an image to a USB memory drive that you have brought with you to the library. Insert the drive into an accessible USB port on the computer, click the orange Save button in the top right corner of the Image Viewer, and select "Save to this computer." In the window that appears, select your USB memory device and the image will be saved as a .JPG file.


Printing a Record

When you locate a record page that you would like to print, locate the View Printer Friendly link to the left of the indexed record (see image below). Click the link and use your browser's print options to print to the library's nearest printer.

Printing an Image

When viewing an image in the Image Viewer that you wish to print, click the printer icon  in the top right corner to display the Print Options layer (see image below). Select your preferred options and click Continue to begin printing. Note the highlighted recommendation regarding page layout/orientation (Portrait or Landscape) and change the pages settings foryour printer accordingly to get the best possible printout.