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Using Ancestry Library Edition: Tax, Criminal, Land, & Wills

For use in library only.

Where to search

Tax, Criminal, Land, & Wills records may be searched within Ancestry Library Edition in a number of ways:

  1. The Home and Search tabs allow you to search across all data collections in Ancestry Library Edition, including the tax, criminal, land, and wills records.
  2. From the Search tab search page, locate and click on "Tax, Criminal, Land, & Wills" found in the right-side Special Collections list to use search fields specific to these records and narrow your search to only these records
  3. Using the Card Catalog link (Search drop-down menu or right link on Search page) or button (bottom right of Search page), filter the list of data collection to view only these records.

Tax, Criminal, Land, & Will Records

While bureaucracy may not be popular with the people who have to navigate their way through it to buy land, probate an estate, pay taxes, manage finances, serve a sentence, or otherwise deal with red tape, the paper trails left behind can be incredible resources for family historians.