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Trustee Education from Other States: Nebraska

Nebraska Library Comission

Each public library board needs to have a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education (CE) hours in a three-year period to qualify for certification. Individual board members earn continuing education hours that are applied to the whole board's certification requirement. After a library board earns an initial certification, it has three years to accumulate enough continuing education hours to meet the requirement for a renewal of certification. A library board may accumulate any number of CE credits during each three-year certification period as long as it totals at least 20 hours.

Continuing to learn new things should be viewed as a good thing since it will help make the board more effective.

CE hours over the required minimum of 20 hours are not carried over to the next certification time period. Each board starts over. Remember that a board may earn all of its CE hours by viewing video programs. There is no charge for board certification.

Nebraska and United for Libraries