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Trustee Education from Other States: Wisconsin

Trustee Essentials

This is a continuing education tool.   It divides topics into manageable bites and each chapter ends with discussion questions.  

A number of library boards that regularly spend time at their meetings discussing a chapter.

Trustee 201 Workshop, part 1

Trustee 201 Workshop, part 2

Trustee 101

Basic introduction to the trustee’s job and things that public officials in general need to know.  

Personnel Issues 201

It covers the relationships between the board, director, and other staff.

  • Personnel policies
  • FLSA
  • FMLA,
  • HR Laws

Other Training and Resources

Trustee Training Agenda

Library Trustee 101


1:30     Arrival, quiz, & informal discussion  

Welcome & announcement

1:40                 Library system overview       

1:50                 The library trustee’s job        

  • General responsibilities
  • Division of responsibility/authority

2:00                 Library Policies

2:20                 Short Break

2:30                 Legal issues                            

  • Open meetings & public records law
  • Conflict of interest
  • Trustee liability

2:50                 Speaking up for the library     

  • Talking to elected officials
  • Mobilizing public support

3:05                 Funding and Standards           

3:15                 Topics from the floor          

3:30                 Adjourn

Library Trustee 201


1:45                 Arrival and informal discussion

2:00                 Welcome, introductions, & announcements

2:05                 The Library Board’s relationship with the Library Director

2:15                 Hiring, Evaluating, and Terminating a Director

3:00                 Short Break

3:05                 Personnel Policies

3:30                 The Library Board and other Library Staff

3:40                 Topics from the floor           

4:00                 Adjourn