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Trustee Education from Other States: New Jersey

United for Libraries

NJ trustee training consists of a statewide conference every two years, a series of three or four regional trainings in partnership with the NJ Library Trustee Association, and licensing a series of webinars on best practices for trustees from ALA’s United for Libraries.

New Jersey State Library

Trustee Manual for New Jersey Public Libraries

New Jersey Public Libraries: A Manual for Trustees (Download the whole manual)
Section 1: The Job of a Trustee and the Operation of the Board
Section 2: Policy Making for the Library
Section 3: Personnel Matters
Section 4: Laws Governing Trustee Actions
Section 5: Funding
Section 6: Strategic Planning
Section 7: Capital Planning
Section 8: Marketing and Public Relations
Section 9: Institutions Supporting Public Libraries
Section 10: Trustee Continuing Education
Section 11: Resources
Supplementary Documents