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Trustee Education from Other States: Kansas

Trustee Certification

This program orients trustees to a basic understanding of their roles, responsibilities and duties of library trustees.
This training equips trustees to help library staff create a well-funded, community-supported library providing important, needed services and programs to the community.
All board members should become certified so everyone has a basic understanding library trusteeship.

Certification requires one hour of training in five core skills described by clicking the links CS1 through CS5 on the right menu.

Certification is valid for life.

How to get trustee certification

Staff of CKLS are aware trustees are very busy with jobs, family obligations and volunteer obligations with other organizations.
So we strive to make the opportunities for training convenient.

Below are five options we have conceived thus far.
Options will be added as they are proposed.

Option 1: Watch 11 videos called Trustee Trouble by the Wyoming State Library.

  • Introduction on how to use these videos. (3:45 minutes)
  • Membership (9:05 minutes)
  • Orientation of new trustees (6:36 minutes)
  • Board meetings (9:52 minutes)
  • Board/Director relationships (8:54 minutes)
  • Finances (9:15 minutes)
  • Policies (9:03 minutes)
  • Planning (11:43 minutes)
  • Advocacy (8:39 minutes)
  • Friends/Foundations relations (8:12 minutes)
  • Self-assessment (10:15 minutes)

Option 2: Attend system workshops on the five core skills.

Option 3: Invite system consultants to a board meeting for one-hour training on a core skill. System consultant training during board meetings can make training more productive by focusing on the specific needs or working through a process such as budgeting or planning.

Option 4: Combination of the above options. The videos and workshops may meet the board's needs for some core skills. Consultant board meeting training could teach core skill most needed at a specific time.