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Free Apps, Tools, and Software News: File Safety & Management

Protect Your Files and Searches

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Go! With File Management: Getting Started - by Shelley Gaskin

How do I organize my files across my computer? How can I find a document if I don't know where I saved it? How do I keep all these files safe on my Mac or PC? What is a file format? These questions are answered in this handy, visual guide.

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Shrink Files (and URLs)

Shrink for Your Web Addresses and File Attachments Shorten a long Web address. Beyond just a URL shrinker, offers free registration and registered users can track clicks to analyze Web page traffic stats. Completely Web-based process to upload a large file and then enter the e-mail address of the recipient. Send a file up to 200MB in size to your recipient who will receive notification of the file to download. No software to install locally. A great way to get around the file upload restrictions on your local or Web–based mail server. Shortens Web addresses and allows users to share files.

Tiny URL: Sending long Web addresses to friends, family or co-workers via e-mail only to have them break apart onto another line making it harder for your network to copy and paste into a browser’s address bar? Posting a link to your Twitter only to exceed your character length? Tiny URL will take your long URLS and turn them into manageable lengths. The addresses you create via TinyURL never expire.

HighTail (Formerly YouSendIt): Like, HighTail is a completely Web-based utility to upload file attachments. The free version allows users to transfer files up to 50MB in size.

Protect Your Files

Free AntiVirus and Spyware Protection

avast! Free antivirus software for minimum PC protection and includes anti-spyware tool. Allows for scheduled scans and incremental updating for smaller update files and less time scanning.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition: Linked up to the download that includes the CNET review, this application is designed, per reviewers, as "simple [for] home users." It is also compatible with Windows 8. Bundled with the anti-virus tool is an anti--malware tool and email scanner. Links are scanned for safety ratings as returned from major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Bloggers have called it easy to install. Antivirus updates are pushed out for the lifetime of the product.

Top 8 Best and Free AntiVirus Software for Windows 7 is an article posted in early August 2010 to the online tips and tech news blog, SaveDelete by its Editor-in-Chief. Check out his picks.

Spybot-Search & Destroy: Spybot has been around a long time, as confirmed by CNET reviews, and scans computers for evidence of spyware - the stuff that can track your searching behavior, install toolbars and even change your home page. The site itself posts info re: product updates and any type of new spyware of which consumers should be aware.

Ad-Aware: Ad-Aware by Lavasoft has a free version for home use only. It provides protection against virus and spyware threats as well as download protection. Like other a/v software, it's updates are pushed out automatically.

Malaware Bytes: The free version deletes "all traces" of worms, trojans, rootkits, and spyware (also known collectively as malware). Also in the free version, users have access to community forums to learn how to best use the software to eradicate malware and stay up-to-date with emerging malware to hit the web. It supports more than 35 language packs.

Virus Removal Tools from Kaspersky Labs: For your convenience [Kasperky] gathered all virus-fighting utilities developed by Kaspersky Lab and the recommendations how to use them. If you failed to find the necessary information or you find these recommendations too complicated or inadequate, please send a request to Kaspersky Lab's virus analysts to

Panda Cloud Antivirus:
Compatible with Windows (including 8), the free version offers real-time anti-virus and spyware protection. It also provides URL and web filtering for Internet Explorer browsers.

Protect Your Files and Searches Even More

Free Firewall Software

Comodo Firewall (for Windows platforms). One of the first steps in securing a computer is downloading and activating a quality firewall to repel intruders. This free firewall software has access to Comodo's safe-list of PC-friendly applications, a key component of Default Deny Protection™.