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Freegal is here.

What is Freegal? Freegal is a portal to downloadable music from SONY music's catalog of thousands of legendary artists and music videos. Compare it to the iTunes Store that's totally free for you as a Tappan patron.

What do I need to download music and videos? A Tappan Library card, an Internet connection, and your pin (hint: the pin is the last 4 digits of the telephone number you used to register for a library card).

How long can I borrow the mp3 music files and mp4 video files? The music and video are YOURS to keep forever. Once you download the files, you can save, burn, and transfer with no lending periods.

How many files can I download at once? You may download up to 3 songs per week per card. You may download up to 2 videos per week per card. Please note that music videos will cost you 2 of your allotted downloads.

How do I log in? LOG IN HERE

Can I see how it works before I start? Yes, please find a demo below, which starts at the library's home page.

How to Download Freegal Music to a Kindle Fire


1. Navigate to your Kindle Fire's Web browser.

2. Type into your browser's address bar.

3.  Enter your library barcode and your pin (hint: your pin is the last 4 digits of your phone number).

4. Search Freegal for your favorite artists or songs.

5. Tap "Download Now" when you find a song you want to download to your device.

6. Once the status of the file changed to "Downloaded" from Download Now," tap your Fire's menu button.

7. Within the Fire menu, select "Downloads."

8. You should see your song in the "Downloads" queue.

9. Tap the white arrow to the left of the song title to download the file to your device.

Note about cookies: your cookies will need to be enabled in your browser for Freegal to work properly. If you are having trouble, check out this guide.