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Free Apps, Tools, and Software News: Calendar and Collaboration

Web-Based "Cloud" Computing

Online sharing and collaboration? Google Apps? Calendar sharing? Where are my files??

Welcome to "cloud computing"

Google+ Hangouts

Google + Hangouts

Video chat with up to ten people, share pictures and instant messages across devices to include your computer, an Android, and an iPhone. This service is completely free. Make sure you have a Gmail account and join Google+ to be involved with Google Hangouts.

For Apple

For Android

Calendar and Workground Collab

Calendar and Workgroup Collaboration Tools

Bedework is an open source calendar that was originally designed for use in higher education but has been adopted for personal and corporate usage. There are a number of modes (public, personal and admin) that dictate the access granted to each calendar. offers free audio conferencing and meeting chat for up to 96 participants. Allows for one host and hosts can switch mid-meeting. Meetings can last up to 6 hours and there is no limit on meetings per month. Audio can be recorded. Registration is free.


GBridge allows remote access and control of PCs, sync filing synching and folder sharing. It can be used to form a Virtual Privacy Network that connects multiple computers together.

WebEx is a Cisco product that allows meeting collaboration to include desktop and document sharing for up to three meeting participants and one meeting host. Meetings can also be recorded for archive. There is a premium, non-free plan as well.

MeetingWizard is absolutely free and, in the absence of collaborative calendars, allows users to schedule meeting, invite co-workers to meetings, and allows the meeting coordinator to propose multiple meeting times for review. Reminders are sent to invitees prior to the meeting, just like in Outlook.

Mozilla Lightning Calendar is Mozilla’s calendar application that runs on Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris (with Intel processor), and Solaris SPARC as an add-on to your Thunderbird email. Like Outlook, it’s a calendaring application that also offers meeting management tools.

Rainlendar is an open source calendar. It is platform-independent and it works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It includes a to-do list, alarms and a search function for your calendar. It also allows you to edit and see your Outlook events and tasks.

VCalendar is an open source, online calendar used for maintaining and scheduling events online. It has multiple program languages and includes monthly, annual, daily and weekly views. The site offers free e-mail based support.

Wiggio is a free utility for workgroup collaboration and shared calendaring. Wiggio allows groups (from civic to academic to business to family) to set up chat rooms for web meetings and manage shared files online. Also includes features such as free conference calling and Web meetings.

Zimbra is Yahoo's open source online messaging and workground collaboration software, the Zimbra Desktop is available free-of-charge for download and includes calendaring and collaboration tools (manage contacts lists, calendar, and aggregate and manage multiple e-mail accounts in one place). The Desktop lets users tag and search conversations, and runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux.