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Trusted Sites for Reviews and Freeware

Tech Reviews and Free Download Tools

AARP's "Software on the Cheap"  offers a guide to five basic freebies on the Web with editorial reviews for each featured application.

CNET is always a favorite among the IT world. Click on the “reviews” tab from the home page and choose a category from the left-hand navigation bar. From cell phones to desktops to laptops to televisions, the site combines editor’s picks with user reviews, product specs and prices.

CNET Downloads: From the homepage, click on the “downloads” tab. Downloads for Windows, MAC, and Mobile platforms are available and include anti-virus software, file-sharing software, media players, image editors, and malware removers.

ComputerWorld A good site to glean important information about new devices you’ve recently or have recently considered purchasing. It covers new operating systems for both mobile and desktop devices as well as hardware reviews such as reviews on iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets, and other tech-related news and editorials.

Engadget: AOL Tech channel's Engadget Tech Editors post copious reviews in text, video, image, and audio formats of new gadgets and consumer electronics -- from mobile to HD and from harddrives to more hardware.

LifeHacker offers reviews, application tips, and how-to lists segmented by popular operating systems to include: Windows, MAC, and Linux. MAC OS X users - check out deals on tech items on the site's DealHacker @

PC World & Mac World: Having over 25 years of credibility and a reputation for quality, PCWorld and Macworld deliver excellence through award-winning content, trusted product reviews, and freeware/shareware downloads. Focusing on the PC, Apple and Mac markets, the highly regarded company brings together technology inspired consumers, readers, users, writers, newsmakers, journalists, reviewers, marketers and advertisers who all share a “consuming interest in technology.” People look to PCWorld and Macworld for expert guidance and purchasing advice for their information technology needs.

PC Mag delivers authoritative, lab-based reviews of computing and Internet products. PCMag defines technology for e-business and is the only magazine with in-depth reviews and accurate, repeatable testing from PC Labs. PCMag provides product guides, reviews and an extensive download library of shareware, demos and freeware.

Tech Column New York Times: David Pogue’s technology column has appeared in the New York Times since each week since 2000. He also writes the Times e-mail column “From the Desk of David Pogue,” creates short, funny Web videos for, and posts entries to his Times blog. David tests out, reviews, recommends and/or points out the pitfalls of new products. Read his reviews for a first-hand account before you buy a product.

Tech Spot is a leading independent computer technology publication established in 1998. TechSpot’s daily coverage of the tech scene is complemented by their comprehensive product reviews, software downloads & drivers updates, PC and laptop buying guides, and the hundred of tech tips offered in their guides section.

TuCows offers free downloads for Windows, MAC, and Linux, platforms. Software downloads are generally broken up into categories such as: Audio and Video; Games; Web Authoring, Business; and Design Tools.

Wired is a daily technology news website which provides helpful reviews, video how-to’s, and cool apps for people trying to make the most of technology.

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