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Customer Service Workshop: Breakout Scenario Example

Scenario Example

Scenario: We have a patron who consistently asks us to break rules for her and gets very angry and upset if we don't accommodate her. 


1. As a staff member in this position, why do you think this negative experience occurred? 

This negative experience occurred because other staff members were breaking the rules for her and not telling other staff members

2. Now put yourself in the patrons' position, what would be a driving force of why they would be upset?

If I were a patron I would be upset because there is no consistency in my experience at the library. Some staff members bend the roles for me and then others do not.  

3. Reflecting on the outcome of the scenario, would you do anything different? (if your scenario does not have a clear outcome, consider how you could de-escalate the situation?)

If I was in this situation, depending on the rule that we were breaking, I would do it one more time for her and explain that it's not our policy to do this and that whoever has been doing this for her should not have. Then I would say I will do this one more time for you this way because it is not your fault that selective staff were breaking the policy. However, moving forward please understand that we can no longer do this. Then If needed, I would show her the policy and explain why we cannot break the rules anymore.