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For Seniors and Those Who Love and Care for Them: Trusted Information and Preparation

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left our senior population most vulnerable and isolated. This resource has been developed with their needs in mind.

Trusted Information on COVID-19

Federal resources:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -  Official government website with information about the outbreak

      Latest COVID-19 Community Levels -  County Level Look-up tool and information on any action you may need to follow at each level (low, medium or high).  NEW!  

     As of December 14, 2022, the federal government is offering 4 free Covid-19 Rapid tests by mail.  NEW! 

     You can now get vaccine information by phone or e-mail from the CDC.  

     CDC new mask guidelines as of January 28, 2022.  Which type of masks to use to protect yourself and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Find out how the FDA is protecting public health in the area of COVID-19 diagnostic testing, biologics, PPE, medical devices, vaccines, and therapeutics.  

      List of FDA approved At-Home COVID-19 tests and their updated expiration dates  NEW! - The source for your Medicare questions about COVID-19 and where to get 8 free (per month) COVID-19 rapid tests with your Medicare Part B card. NEW!    

Information about the 2022 MPX (Mpox) Outbreak from the CDC NEW!    

State resources:

New York State Department of Health  (NYSDOH) - Latest COVID-19 information. 

 New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Information - Get the facts on who is eligible and how to schedule a vaccine. 

 NYS Excelsior Pass Plus provides a free, fast and secure way to present digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results. 

New York State COVID-19 data - Data on testing, cases, and variants

Governor Hochul's latest COVID-19 updateNEW!


County resources:

Rockland County Coronavirus COVID-19 information including Rockland County Department of Health Vaccine and Booster Clinics availability and testing sites. NEW!

Other locations offering COVID-19 Vaccines in Rockland County.  

Rockland County COVID-19 Dashboard discontinued as of December 9, 2022. NEW!

Information from the Rockland County Department of Health about MPX (Monkeypox) including where to get vaccinated. NEW!

Information from the Rockland County Department of Health about Polio including where to get vaccinatedNEW!


Resources from AARP: 

AARP Coronavirus webpage - latest coronavirus news from the AARP.

Omicron Boosters: What to Know About the Updated COVID-19 Shots  NEW! 

AARP article on myths about the coronavirus vaccine. 

Why Older Adults Are at Risk for Severe Breakthrough COVID​​

What are the side effects of the updated COVID-19 Booster shots? NEW!   

What are the symptoms of OmicronNEW! 

Vaccinated, Boosted and Still Caught COVID? Here’s What to Do

If you had COVID, it may increase your risk for Shingles.  NEW!

You Tested Positive for COVID: Should You Take Paxlovid?  NEW!

Paxlovid Rebound: When COVID Symptoms Return After Pills Are Gone. NEW!

5 Reasons to Beware the BA.5 Omicron Subvariant  NEW! 


Information From Other Authoritative Sites:

13 Things to Know About Paxlovid (including possible side effects) from Yale Medicine.  NEW!

CDC COVID-19 County Check

Keep up-to-date about your county's COVID-19 level provided by the CDC.  NEW!

Shopping for Necessities

Seniors should follow the guidelines provided by the CDC regarding masking

and other precautions based on the latest county level (low, medium, high)

of transmission (see the County Check box above).


Many more supermarkets and stores offer delivery

service themselves or have partnered with delivery services like Instacart.


Meal Delivery Service for Rockland Seniors meeting certain criteria.


Rockland Community Against Hunger: Find list of organizations or map of them by clicking "Find Food" on the menu bar.


SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) - See if you are eligible and how to apply. 

Public Transportation

If you must use public transportation, remember to wear the CDC still recommends using a face covering.

Transportation schedule and procedural changes for TOR, ferry, Metro-North, Harlem, New Haven lines, Rockland Coaches, BEE-LINE, Clarkstown Mini-Trans, Monsey Trails, Shortline, Hudson Link, NJ Transit (Pascack Valley & Port Jervis) can be found on the Rockland County Public Transportation Page

Complete A Care Plan Form

Be prepared with a Care Plan. Everyone, not just seniors, should make a document available with all health care information such as: 

  1. Your medical condition(s) 
  2. Your health care provider(s)
  3. Medications you are taking and dosages
  4. Health insurance provider(s)
  5. Preferred hospital
  6. Advanced care planning
  7. Emergency contacts.

The CDC offers a Care Plan form that facilitates this process. 

Mental Health

    "Social distancing" has made many of us, not only seniors, feel isolated and anxious.  A better term could be "physical" distancing since you can still be "social" via phone or video calls, texts, emails, and/or regular mail.  You can also take courses and programs virtually.  So make it a point to catch up with friends and family, learn a new skill, and/or meet others virtually.  If you do socialize in person, follow the latest CDC guidelines COVD-19 Recommendations for Older Adults  NEW! to keep your and others protected.   


     Some fun activities on our Activities page may help create a new routine from the usual activities you are missing.  Here are some resources available to you if you need help coping:

Valley Cottage Library Adult Services Librarians

The VCL Adult Services Librarians created this resource for the seniors in our community who we miss seeing during this unprecedented time. Our hope is that the information we provided will help you stay curious, inspired and connected!  

                                                                            Stay well,

                                                                            Sean, Anya, Megan, Katrina, Mary, Holly, Kat, Adrienne, and Nancy