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Staff Guide: 2023 RCLS Road Trip Program: Home

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What is the RCLS Road Trip Program?

The RCLS Road Trip is a program designed to encourage patrons throughout the RCLS service area to visit as many of our 47 libraries and 52 buildings as they can over the course of the summer months. Participating patrons will be given a map of the service area with library addresses which will also be used to keep track of the libraries they visited. 

This is an all-ages program, and we hope many new and existing library users enjoy exploring our wonderful libraries! 

Thank you to Senator James Skoufis for sponsoring the RCLS Road Trip.

The patron facing guide is ready to go! Feel free to add it to your websites and/or share on social media. Here is the link:


The goals of the RCLS Road Trip are:

  • Increase number of library card holders throughout the system
  • Increase of library programs and services throughout the system
  • Increase patron engagement in summer activities and throughout the year
  • Increase circulation throughout system
  • Increase patron understanding of modern libraries 

Staff Training

RCLS Road Trip Planning Committee

Joanna Goldfarb, Youth Services and Sustainability Innovation Consultant. RCLS

Jen Park, Government Relations Specialist, RCLS

Amanda Primiano, Executive Director, Monroe Free Library

Dave Cosco, Marketing Manager, RCLS