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Town of Warwick & Sugar Loaf, NY

Mts. Adam and Eve by Jasper F. Cropsey



  • Best Threads: Fashions of Warwick from the Joslyn Collection, Warwick Historical Society
  • The Sibyl edited by Lydia Sayer Hasbouck; selected issues of the women's dress reform newspaper, mid 1800s, by Warwick woman; Collection of the Warwick Historical Society


Use this to search many of the webpages on this site, but it does not search in the Warwick Heritage Database, the scanned newspapers, or the archived webpages-- you must search these separately by clicking on the links and following the directions.


The following is a partial list of books about Warwick and Orange County history that are full text and in a PDF format you can download to your computer or device; you can find links to more ebooks and e-documents in the Warwick Heritage Database.

General Orange County History:

Warwick  & Sugar Loaf Specific Works:

  • Bellvale Rising Star by Thomas Burt (newspaper published 1 year about Bellvale, 1889)
  • Black Jacob by A. D. Eddy. The inspiring life story of Jacob Hodges of Sugar Loaf, who was coerced into the murder of Richard Jennings, then reformed.
  • History of Orange County by Ruttenber & Clark (1881; Warwick chapter only)
  • Memoirs of Hon. Nathaniel Jones U.S. House of Representatives 1837-1841, lived in Warwick, many local anecdotes.
  • Report of the Trial of The Murderers of Richard Jennings; pamphlet from the collection of the archive of the Warwick Historical Society (1819; murder occurred in Sugar Loaf)
  • Under Old Rooftrees by Eliza Benedict Hornby (1908).  Collection of facts and stories about Warwick Valley life in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Lifestyles, weather, weddings, slaves, folkways, etc.
  • Warwick Woodlands  by Frank Forester (Henry William Herbert).  Classic field sports/hunting narrative, 1840s.