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Town of Warwick & Sugar Loaf, NY


  • In the fall of 2015, the library conducted interviews asking the public to select an object in their home that evokes a story or memories that they could share.
  • Click on the image to listen to the interview
  • The program concluded on Nov. 14, but we hope to load a fill-in form soon so you can upload your object photos and stories from home.

Rosemary Cooper -- The Glass Fruit Basket Lamp

A mother's love is carried forward.

Melvyn Stiriss -- A Conch Shell

"The Farm" commune in Tennessee, founded in 1971.

Marie Ruebenstahl -- A pheasant and fancy needlework

Mementos of Bellvale's Todd family farm and lifestyles of the past.

Joan Corser - The Family Portrait

The heritage of a family, World War II,and the Belgian artist Antoine Wiertz

Bill Leonardi -- Dream Catcher

A childhood injury is overcome to realize the dream of flight.

Ann Damia -- Referee Items

Basketball and women's history 1940s-1970s

Peggy Gavan -- New York policeman's nightsticks

A great grandfather's legacy of law enforcement.  Peggy also has a blog "The Hatching Cat" that tells the history of NYC using animal stories.

Annette Henderson - A Family's Wooden Bowl

Family memories of harvesting tobacco in North Carolina

Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons -- A Piece of the Berlin Wall

A Berlin native's experience of the Wall.

Richard Hull -- Grinding Stone and Iron Shackle

The hidden history of the local Lenape tribe and slavery.

Ekua Sharp -- An FIT dress design project

Accomplishments and goals: dress design and family civil rights activism.

Ivy Tulin - The Carpenter's Cross

Religious encounters and calls to ministry