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ANSER Training: Enterprise and Overdrive

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Videos that may be helpful for your patrons. Feel free to embed them on your website.

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Using Overdrive on a Tablet

Note: You no longer have to create an Adobe ID

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How Enterprise Searching is Set Up

From Jerry:

1) "Did You Mean?" sometimes offers spelling suggestions if a search results in no hits. We currently have no ability to see or edit the master list of words and their common misspellings. And our database is really large, so there aren't many cases where a search has no results.

2) "Fuzzy Logic" settings will automatically include spelling variations in the search results. The settings range from 1-10, where 10 means 100% of letters in a word must match an user-entered word, 9 means 90% of the letters match, 8 means 80%, etc. etc.

The first weeks that ANSER used Enterprise, we went with the default Fuzzy Logic setting of 7, i.e. 70% of letters in a word. Because patrons often type in additional words--short words--a fuzzy logic value of 7 means that hits would show if 3 out of 4 letters in a four-letter words matched (75%). So at 7, users were getting thousands of hits, with most being totally unrelated short words.

We quickly raised the Fuzzy Logic value to 9 and have been there ever since.

Overdrive Info

EPUB and MP3 Audiobooks can be downloaded and used out of the Overdrive App Bookshelf. Requires Adobe ID.

Kindle Books will download to your Kindle device or to a Kindle app an any other device. Requires Amazon account.