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ANSER Training: Reports

List of all ANSER Reports 2/16/16

Current Circ Templates

Schedule a New Report

You can even set the report to run daily, weekly or monthly as well as have it sent directly to your e-mail!

Reports Overview (CIRC) and Overdues

Purchase Alert Reports

How to schedule a report to run automatically

You can even have it e-mailed to you. Here are the instructions, or you can watch the videos above.

If you go into Symphony 'Reports' module (from the ANSER login or Circ login - they have different reports)  and click on 'Schedule New Reports' you'll see a list of reports that you can


Highlight the report you want to run or schedule to run & then hit 'Set up & Schedule' at the bottom.  I think they are primarily set up already to run what they say they are running - but you may have to change some fields.


From 'Set up & Schedule' - you can either hit 'Schedule' or 'Run Now'.

If you schedule it - you can specify how often you want it to run and then click the 'email to' box to have the results sent to you and anyone else you think might want to see it.

Current ANSER Templates

Dusty Book Report in Workflows

How can I run the Workflows version of the Dusty Book Report and have the data imported to EXCEL?

Select the Dusty Book Report and under the Print Item tab, select Pipe Delimited:

Run the report and in the viewing options pane:

Your report will show as a pipe delimited Wordpad document, save it.

Open Excel and follow the screens in the Data tab:

Next - put the | (on the keyboard over the \) character in the Other box


You will have some extraneous fields you have to delete, but the data is there!