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Newburgh Area Community Information: A Pleasant Place to Build a Town

Find local government, school, and recreation information for Newburgh, New Windsor, Orange County, and New York City.

Christopher Columbus' First Mate's comments about Newburgh

The thirtieth was faire weather, and the wind at South-east a stiffe gale betweene the Mountaynes. We rode still the after-noone. The people of the Countrey came aboord us, and brought some small skinnes with them, which we bought for Knives and Trifles. This a very pleasant place to build a Towne on. The Road is very neere, and very good for all winds, save an East North-east wind. The Mountaynes looke as if some Metall or Minerall were in them. For the Trees that grow on them were all blasted, and some of them barren with few or no Trees on them. The people brought a stone aboord like to Emery (a stone used by Glasiers to cut Glasse) it would cut Iron or Steele: Yet being bruised small, and water put to it, it made a colour like blacke Lead glistering; It isalso good for Painters Colours. At three of the clocke they departed, and we rode still all night. 

from Juet's journal: the voyage of the Half Moon from 4 April to 7 November 1609
by Robert Juet (Christopher Columbus' First Mate on the Half Moon)
September 30, 1609

Notable Locals

Authors and Poets

James Patterson, Novelist (1947- )

Saul Williams, poet, rapper, actor (1972- )

Orange County Authors Library Guide

Artists and Designers

Ellsworth Kelly, artist (1923-2015)

Lee Lorenz, New Yorker cartoonist (1932- )

Andrew Jackson Downingfounder of landscape architecture, influential designer of country houses, early proponent of Central Park in NYC (1815-1852)


Albert MyerFather of the U.S. Army Signal Corps (1828-1880)

John Ellis Wool, Army Major General whose military career spanned more than 50 years (1784-1869)

The Orange Blossoms, 124th Infantry Regiment Civil War, participated in most major Eastern Civil War battles, Stephen Crane may have based The Red Badge of Courage on his interviews with Orange Blossoms veterans (1862-1865)


DeWitt Clinton, seventh governor of NYS, largely responsible for construction of Erie Canal (1769-1828)

George Clinton, first governor of NYS, first elected vice president of the United States under Jefferson and Madison (1739-1812)

Geraldine Ferrarofirst woman to run for the U.S. vice presidency on a major party platform (1935-2011)


William S. Hart, silent film star - the original screen cowboy (1864-1946)

It happened in Newburgh.....

Things that were made here

The Delanos and the Roosevelts

Recommended Local History Books

Legends and Myths

Important Buildings