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Youth Services: Beyond Books

Ramapo Catskill Library System Youth Services provides support to young adult and children’s librarians throughout all of Orange, Rockland, Sullivan and southern Ulster counties. By offering services and advocacy through a combined system wide effort, RC

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For Your Convenience

The items on this guide are owned by RCLS and available for member libraries to borrow. You may use them for library programs, creating displays, community engagement, and more. They are for library use only and may not be sent home with patrons. 

Please note that not all items can be sent to libraries through delivery. Other arrangements will need to be made to pick the item(s) up from RCLS. Read full item description for details.


RCLS has a collection of over 500 AccuCut dies available to loan (for library staff only). Many different shapes, numbers, and letters can be used for scrapbooking, decorating, card making, etc.

The loan period will remain the same (3 days) delivery day, a full day to use them, and return the next day.
Dies are handled the same as books.
1. all dies must be checked in when received
2. and then checked out to you
3. checked in when finished
4. return to RCLS If there are any other holds, the die(s) can be sent to the requesting library. They must be in a padded envelope or boxed.
Boxed sets (alphabets) have the barcode on the case only.

To view the full list of AccuCut dies available to RCLS member libraries, visit the AccuCut LibGuide. Click Here.

Member library staff may contact Eileen Actosta to make an appointment to use the RCLS AccuCut Die Cutter.

Buzzer System

Both Buzzer Systems were purchased by the Battle of the Books committee. They are unavailable for general use over the summer months. Member libraries may borrow the buzzer systems the rest of the year. There are two systems available for library program use.

Note: Buzzer Systems CANNOT go through delivery. Staff must visit RCLS to pick up and return the buzzer systems. Contact Joanna Goldfarb for availability.

Kamishibai Theater

What is Kamishibi?

From kamishibi.comFor those of you who are new to Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye), this form of storytelling originated in Japan. Most Kamishibai stories consist of 12 or 16 large (15" x 10.5") sturdy, beautifully illustrated cards. On the back is the English translation of the text, with the original Japanese beside it.

RCLS has a Kamishibi Theater and story card sets for member library use.

RCLS Book Consortium

RCLS has hundreds of book sets available for member library use for book discussions. To request consortium books, contact Eileen Acosta @ 243-3747 ext. 221 or e-mail her at eacosta@rcls.org. They can be scheduled ahead of time. Call to set a date and make sure the title will be available.

For borrowing procedures, a list of available titles, book discussion guide, and more, visit the Book Discussion Resources LibGude. Click here.

Mobile Circ

Simplify patron interaction with staff through MobileStaff, a robust app for iOS or Android devices. Library staff can use powerful features to bring the library services out from behind the circulation desk and into the stacks, public spaces, and external outreach programs. For full borrowing procedures, visit the MobileStaff (MobileCirc) LibGuide.


 Three MobileStaff Kits are available for member library use. To check on availability, ccontact Eileen Acosta, Communications Assistant, by telephone (845-243-3747 ext. 221) or e-mail (eacosta@rcls.org).

The lending period for a Kit is one (1) week. A one (1) week renewal may be granted if there is a Kit available. If required and there is a Kit available a second one (1) week renewal may be granted.

Upon borrowing a Kit a library assumes responsibility for all items included in the Kit in the event of damage or loss. The member library assumes the following responsibilities when borrowing a Kit:
     a. the replacement cost of any and all items damaged or lost;
     b. using WiFi, when available, to avoid overages on the Verizon Data Plan associated with the Kits;
     c. payment for any excessive usage of the Data Plan provided, as determined by the RCLS Executive Director; and
     d. recharging all items in the Kit before returning the Kit to RCLS, on or before the due date.


Ozobots are a way for children to learn the basics of coding without using a screen. Kids can learn about coding through color codes. Color Codes are short sequences of color that allow you to start coding completely screen-free! Color Codes are used to teach basic coding concepts, from cause-and-effect to debugging. They are recommended for anyone new to coding–teachers and students alike–and can be ideal for grades K-5.

Click here to visit the Ozobot website.

Button Maker

RCLS has a Badge-a-Minit Automatic Button Maker for member library use. Member libraries must provide their own materials. This machine MUST be used with Badge-a-Minit button supplies. Click here to learn more about the button maker.

Contact Joanna Goldfarb or Eileen Acosta to reserve the button maker.

TIP: A circle cutter comes with the button maker that will cut appropriate size circles to create your buttons. You can also access a circle template on LibraryAware by searching "RCLS Button Template." You can insert your desired artwork in the template, then use the circle cutter or scissors to cut it out. Do not resize the template. Using the template will result in four (4) copies of the design per page.

Click here to see an example of the template.

Green Screens

Both green screens were purchased using New York State Library Family Literacy Grant funds

Foldable Green Screen:

  • 5x6.5ft/ 150x200cm Blue & Green collapsible backdrop, (1)carry bag
  • IDEAL FOR: YouTube tutorials & livestream videos, interviews, corporate headshots, portraits, product photography, passport photos
  • Click here for full product details on Amazon


Chair Green Screen:

  • Simple green screen that was created for chroma keying in Zoom, OBS, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, and more. 
  •  Backdrop opens up and attaches to the back of almost any chair or around your waist in seconds. Measure your office space before picking a size to confirm it is compatible with your setup.
  • Click here for full product details on Amazon

Studio on the Go Kits

Studio on the Go kits were funding through a New York State Library Family Literacy Grant.

Studio on the Go kits include the following:

  • Ring light with tripod
  • Webcamera
  • Lapel microphone
  • iPhone Adapter

Two kits are available for member library use. The loan period is two weeks.