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Reference Procedures: Patrons





Patron Code of Conduct


Collection Development Policy

Reconsideration of Material


    1. Any person who wishes the Library to reconsider the selection of an item must fill out a “Request for Reconsideration of Material” form. (Appendix F.) These forms are available at the Adult and Children’s Reference Desks. The Request is reviewed by a committee consisting of appropriate department heads. A written response will be sent to the complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, he or she may then appeal in writing to the Director. The Director will review the material and issue a response. If the complainant is still not satisfied, he or she may appeal to the Board of Trustees. The decision of the Board is final.


    2. The basis for selection of all materials is the criteria set forth in the Collection Management Policy. Reconsideration of all materials is also based on this Policy.




Suggestion forms are kept at both the Reference Desk and the Circulation Desk.  Patrons may make suggestions, complaints, or compliments on these forms.  Encourage patrons to use these forms if they are unhappy about some aspect of the library and never be judgmental or defensive. The forms are placed in the suggestion box that is on the Circulation Desk.




Information for literacy volunteers and their sign-in book are kept in a box behind the reference desk.  They are allowed to book  time in their own tutoring room to meet with their students.  This is a room found near Speculative Fiction.  Because of its isolation, it is kept locked at all times.  Only literacy volunteers may book and use this room, known as the Literacy Solutions Room. The key is kept at the reference desk.  Literacy volunteers are allowed to make free photocopies in the Administrative office, or in the Technical Services area, during regular business hours, but we cannot extend the same courtesy to them for the public copiers.



At this time, we are allowing tutors to use the library as long as space is available, and they are not disruptive.  However, they may not book any meeting rooms  or the Literacy Solutions Room to conduct their sessions.



Any problems with patrons should be referred to the LINC.  We have a form that can be filled out in the event of a problem. If the situation warrants, an “Incident Report” is filled out.  For example, if a patron is not acceding to your requests to comply with the patron code of conduct.  Please fill out a form, even if it seems trivial, i..e. a  gentleman whose phone keeps ringing.  If there is a time when he is asked to leave the library, the incident reports show that the patron has a history of non-compliance.  If a patron is injured in the library, fill out an “Accident Report”.