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Reference Procedures: Library, Physical




The library collects books, newspapers, magazines,  Books on CD, Playaways, Large Print books, DVDs, Blu-ray DVDs, CDs, video games, International Language books, and pre-loaded Nook Touches.  As new formats emerge, the library will evaluate them to see if they warrant adding to our collection.  

Non-fiction books make up the bulk of our collection.  The 000s to 199 are shelved downstairs along with the 700s, the oversized collection and the biographies.

Non-fiction books 200-699 and 800-999 are shelved upstairs to the left of the tables and on the back wall.

Fiction books are shelved upstairs to the right of the tables.

Short-stories are intershelved with other fiction titles.

Large print books are shelved on the main level behind the DVDs.

New fiction – 7 day (Express) and 14 day (New) are shelved to the right of the seating area across from the reference desk.

New non-fiction is shelved to the left of the reference desk.

New and old travel books are shelved together in the lobby, along with travel DVDs.

Mystery books are shelved upstairs to the right of the fiction area. New mysteries  (14 day) are located right under the Mystery sign and 7-day mysteries are shelved with other 7-day fiction.

Paperback mysteries are shelved right after the 14-day mysteries.

General fiction, and some non-fiction paperbacks are kept on the wall shelving outside the LAN room.

Romance paperbacks are shelved downstairs and to the right.

Reference books are shelved behind the Reference desk.

All “J” titles and the “Parenting Collection” are located in the Children’s Room.

Foreign language books are shelved in downstairs in a freestanding bookshelf between the Playaways and the romance paperbacks.

Books on CD are shelved downstairs in an alcove to the right of the stairs.

Playways are shelved downstairs, to the right of the stairs between the Books on CD and International language books.

Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy (also known as Speculative Fiction) are downstairs and to the left all the way to the end of the building. 7 and 14-day copies from this collection are shelved with the new general fiction titles.

Adult graphic novels are shelved at the end of Speculative Fiction.

Young adult nonfiction is intershelved with adult non-fiction.

Young adult fiction and graphic novels are in the Teen Room which is next to the conference room.

New young adult fiction is shelved just outside the Teen Room.

School summer reading list books are next to the windows.




Quiet Study Room

The quiet study room is on the lower level, on the right side of the building.  This room is for people who need absolute quiet.  No talking or cell phone usage is permitted.  People who violate the these rules should be directed elsewhere.

Seating by Periodicals

Three tables and comfortable chairs are located here, and quiet conversation is allowed.

Seating Upstairs and by the Windows

This area is for people who want to work in small groups and may require a less stringent quiet area.



The library has four rooms that are available for programs and meetings: The meeting room (our large auditorium), the conference room, the children’s story time room and the group study room.

The first priority for use of these rooms is for library-sponsored programs.  When the library sponsors, or co-sponsors a program, it will be indicated in our calendar and/or newsletter and on Eventkeeper. When the library is not using these rooms, they are available to be booked by the public.


To Book a Meeting/Study Room

  • Patrons will ask at the Reference desk about the room availability.

  • The Administrative Assistant is in charge of room bookings, as she keeps the calendar.

  • During the week from 9-5, have patrons go directly upstairs to speak to the Administrative Assistant.

  • When she is not available, give the patron the Meeting Room application (found in Forms Drawer).

  • This application contains the rules, and a form for the patron to fill out.

  • Leave the completed application in the Administrative Assistant’s mail basket.

  • Meetings held by these patrons will not be listed in our newsletter, but will be listed on our monthly calendar in lower case letters.

  • Weekly calendar of all meetings is posted on a clear lucite bulletin board in the lobby.

  • Copy of this calendar is located in front of the Reference Notebook.

  • Patrons may also book a room on-line through our website, but it is not definite until approved by Administrative, or the designated substitute.

Online Room Request


Literacy Solutions Room

The office in the Speculative Fiction area is the room where Literacy Solutions tutors will meet with their students. This room is kept locked when not in use, and should not be reserved or used by any other groups or individuals.  Literacy tutors will book the room with the Administrative Assistant.  They will come to the Reference Desk to pick up the key and later, to return it.  They must lock the room upon exiting.



Cases for the Nooks are kept at the reference desk. The actual Nooks are kept at the circulation desk.



Anyone wishing to have an exhibit must speak to the Community Relations staff.  Please tell the patron to leave a message for Veronica Reynolds at extension 114.



Officially, food and drink are not permitted in the library.  However, we frequently turn a blind eye to patrons who bring in water and beverages in a closed container.  These drinks must be in a container that can be closed to avoid spillage. Patrons may not have drinks at hand while they are using the computer. These drinks must be placed on the floor. We are not so lenient with regard to food, which cannot be consumed in the library.   Please remind patrons of this fact, and tell them to take their food outside.  No beverages (not even water) or food is ever tolerated in the Rockland Room at any time.



The Library maintains a collection of daily local newspapers.  The titles are listed in the front of the New City Periodical holding list at the Reference desk.

For convenience of the patrons, the Library puts out a selection of the day’s newspapers in the rack among the chairs near the reference desk.  These newspapers tend to get messy and disorganized by the end of the day and are discarded after closing. If patrons need a clean and complete copy of a newspaper, they can request one at the Desk in exchange for an I.D.  Patrons should not be removing the newspapers from the building, ripping out pages, or filling in crossword puzzles.



Patrons may come in and ask that we post or display materials representing a group or organization. We post only materials having to do with educational, cultural, or non-profit organizations.  We do not post materials for companies charging a fee, or for personal services such as babysitting, garage or tag sales, tutoring, or for any profit-making enterprise. Additionally, the group or organization must be strictly local (Rockland county, as opposed to Westchester or New Jersey). We cannot post materials that are larger than 8-1/2 x 11 inches. If the materials are acceptable, we must still have them approved by the Community Relations staff, so we will take them contingently.  Under no circumstances do we allow patrons to hang up their own material. All approved materials will be signed, dated and hung by the Community Services department. Space is extremely limited, so we cannot promise that we will display materials, no matter how worthy.  



There is an electric pencil sharpener near the scanner.



We have a large magnifying lens at the reference desk.



There is a large wooden book holder that patrons who have trouble holding a book may use.



There are two water fountains in the lobby near the photocopier.



We have plastic book baskets for patrons to use in the library for collecting their materials.  They are located in the hallway just before the door into adult services.


There are two elevators in the building.  One is across from the reference desk and will take patrons upstairs to fiction or downstairs to the AV department.  In the lobby, there is another elevator that will take patrons down to the Storytime room, Technical Services and the Literacy Volunteer office.


All items found in the library are held at the Circulation Desk, which maintains the lost and found. All lost items are brought there, with the exception of flash drives that are left in the public computers. Please label the  flash drive with the date and location found.  They will be kept for one month in the box behind the Reference Desk. Lost library cards should be brought to the Circulation Desk once it is ascertained that the card holder is not in the building.  Any inquiries regarding lost items should be referred to the Circulation Desk.