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Reference Procedures: Staff




All staff must sign in at the start of their work day and sign out at the conclusion.  This is done on our Time and Attendance Management Module. The icon is on the desktop of each reference desk computer and on the computer in the LAN room.




The Reference binder contains a schedule for the PINC (or person in charge of the library).  During weekdays, the director is the PINC.  When she is not here, another staff member is designated as the LINC.  There is a ranked list of staff members in the PINC binder.  Whoever is designated as the LPNC will be in charge of the building, will handle all problems or complaints, and make the closing announcements (see the PINC book).  On weekends and on night shifts, the PINC will fill out the PNC report that is found in the forms drawer in the Reference desk.   PINC reports are filled out even when there is nothing to report.  If there is an incident worthy of more detail, PINC fills out an Incident Report.  Injuries to staff or patrons require an Accident Report.



Librarians should arrive promptly for their shift.  Any incomplete reference questions should be transferred to the next librarian on duty. Departing librarians should clear the desks of any materials used and vacate their posts swiftly to allow the next shift to take over.  If you know in advance that you cannot work your shift, you may try to arrange to exchange shifts with another librarian.





In the event that you cannot come into work that day, please call and let the supervisor know as soon as possible.  If it is the first shift of the day, please call or text the Adult Services Supervisor at home (914-275-5185))   If it is for a later shift, call the supervisor’s extension (127), and one of the Reference Desk extensions. If you are unable to speak to anyone, leave a message at the Administrative Assistant’s  extension (112) as well.




From time to time, people will want to volunteer in the Library.  We don't accept adult volunteers; they must go to the Circulation desk, where they can fill out a volunteer application.  We have forms in the volunteer binder for teens who wish to give us their time.  If they need to volunteer to make up hours for court-ordered community service, please put their completed form in the Head Custodian’s mailbox. Others, who need the hours for National Honor Society, school, or religious affiliation, or just to be nice, can fill out the form and give it to the Young Adult Librarian.  We cannot always accommodate the amount of volunteers who would like to donate their time. If teens want to volunteer, the best way is for them to join the Teen Board under the aegis of the Young Adult Librarian.




A Custodian will be summoned by calling  him on his cordless phone (ext 142), or his office (ext.129) Please try to avoid paging the custodian, as it is disruptive. These are some of the issues when a custodian might be called:


    * Bathrooms (public and staff)

    * Icy or dangerous conditions

    * Program person needs additional equipment, or wants a different setup.

    * Leaks or drips from the ceiling

    * Mess that needs to be cleaned up



Director: Marianne Silver, ext. 111 (

Administrative Assistant: Kelly Corrado, ext. 112 (

Director of Finance and Facilities: Shibu Abraham. ext. 136 (

Maintenance: Andres Abreu ext. 129

Head of Adult Services: Brian Jennings, ext 127 (

Head of Children's Services: Janet Makoujy, ext. 133 (

Head of Support Services: Mark Gervino, ext. 115 (

Head of Community Relations: Veronica Reynolds, ext 114 (

Children's Librarian: Amy Chesman , ext. 122 (

Children's Librarian: Kathy Bachor, ext. 138 (

Teen Services Librarian: Mary Phillips, ext 137 (

Adult Services Librarian: Nancy Moskowitz , ext. 140 (

Adult Services Librarian:  Karen Ostertag , ext. 128 (

Adult Services Librarian: Dana Munsch, ext. 151 (

Adult Services Librarian: Matthew Aull, ext. 115 (

Local History Librarian: Joseph Barbieri, ext 123 (






 Updated 10/17