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Reference Procedures: Technology


All technology passwords are kept in the front of the Reference
If Internet access is down for everyone in the building, call RCLS and alert them to the problem.

All computer printing is now managed by the Print Release Station.  It is the terminal that is to the right of the scanner.  Black and white and color copies, as well as letter and legal size print-outs are available.  If there is sufficient money on the patron’s library card, print-outs will be printed out promptly. No double sided (duplex) prints can be done.  The copier/printer can also still be used as a regular photocopier if people need color photocopies.  There is a photocopier that does not have the color option, and that is by the elevator, near the reference desk.

Reference staff will no longer be handling the tasks of adding money to library cards for printing, or releasing print jobs.  These transactions will be done at the Print Release Station. Removing the balance from print accounts must still be done by reference, and see below for instructions.
Terminal—The set-up consists of monitor, keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner.
The screen shows two options:
Release Print Job
Manage Your AAM Account
Release Print Job—Click on this option to release print jobs for which there are insufficient funds, and have not been printed.
Scan or type in barcode number and click next
Only Job or Jobs associated with that barcode will come up on the screen with the amount of pages they contain.
Click on desired jobs, or delete what you don’t want.
You can preview the print by clicking on the word Preview in the top right of the screen.  The Delete button is next to it.
Click on icon in top right of the screen to return to previous screen.
Options appear to pay from account, or pay from vending machine. If no money, or insufficient money, choose pay from vending machine.
Add money to coin box—If patrons have large bill all of their change will be in silver, so, if they want to avoid this, have them break the bill at the Circulation desk.
Click on OK—do this after money is added.
Job will be printed
Change, if any, will be expelled.
Manage Your AAM Account—Click on this option to check account balance and/or add money to account.
Scan or type in barcode number
Options are Check Balance or Make a Deposit
Click on Account Balance and click on Next
The current balance is displayed
To add money to account, click on Make a Deposit and click Next
Add money to coin box and click OK
Amount to be added will show in the last line, highlighted in blue.
Click Make a Deposit and next screen will show new balance.
Guest card patrons will not use this function, since they will have no accounts to manage.
They must select “print as guest” option on the computer.
Removing Money From Account
For patrons who wish to take their remaining money off their cards, this will be done at Computer B. We only keep modest amount of money at the reference desk, so we can accommodate only if it is a small amount.  For larger sums, remove the balance on the computer and give patron receipt to bring to circulation for payment.
Faxing is not tied to the money system on Envisionware, so patrons will pay us $1.00 per page for faxing.  We are not able to receive faxes.  If patrons have a lot to fax, Suffern Library  allows people to fax an unlimited number of pages to the same number for $2.00.


Envisionware can generate random barcodes to be used for the internet stations.   These are to be used for one-time patrons who live outside the RCLS-served area.  Internet-only cards will still be available for other situations.
1)  Ask the person if this is a one-time use.  If they are staying in the area for an extended period, they need to go to circ to get an internet-only card so that they are not stopping at the reference desk every day.
2)  Verify with an ID where the patron lives.** Important
3)  If they are within the RCLS-served area and are listed in Symphony, give them their barcode number.  If you see they are blocked, let them know they can clear it up at Circ. Patrons will be blocked if they owe $30.00 or more in fines. If they are not listed in Symphony, they need to go to Circ to get an internet-only card.
4)  If they are outside the RCLS-served area  print them out a guest pass as follows:
Open PC Reservation Management Console.
Click on Make Guest ID.
Click on Print
Hand patron the paper with the number.  They may now proceed to a terminal.
These passes are good for one day and have a 2 hour-use limit , with no renewals. Do not reuse guest passes, and they have time limitations. If the patron needs more time, use your judgment about giving them another guest pass.  The barcode is scannable.
Printing with guest cards is done through the Print Release Station.  The guest will select Release Print Job, and pay for it by inserting money into the coin box.  The guest print job will also show up on Reference Desk B print release function.  You can release the print job from there in the event of a coin box problem.


Staff who come in with their consumers  from day programs, can get Internet guest passes at the reference desk. We do not require them to have individual library cards or IDs.  We only allow them to use our headphones without keeping any sort of IDs.


We keep several sets of headphones for people to borrow within the library.  We give them out to vulnerable adult patrons without ID, but we can require them from other patrons.


Account Manager shortcut is on the desktop, as well as in the Envisionware folder.
Under no circumstances may patrons provide their own paper.
Patrons using wireless from their laptops will not be able to print.
Total allowed balance on cards is limited to $20.00.   However, the maximum amount that can be put on at any one time is $10.00. It is not transferable to other libraries.  Patrons need to create an account at each library they use.
We charge $.10 for a black and white print and $.25 for a color print.  The default print setting is black and white.

    * In the Account Manager, type or scan in the patron’s barcode.
    * Enter the amount that is left on the card.
    * Click on the Remove Value button.
    * Refund from money in top drawer, if there is any.
    * If there are insufficient funds, write out a signed receipt and direct them to the Circulation desk for payment.


Patrons may now use their credit/debit cards to pay for prints and faxes.  They must add a minimum of $5.00 to their account.  We have a device called Square which is found attached to our IPad below the “A” reference desk.
To use it:
Open up the IPad and type in password (see password page in the front of this manual)
Tap on app called “Point of Sale”
Tap on the icon that designates what you want to do (add money in certain denominations, or pay for faxes).
Tap on the blue line with the amount.  
You can customize the amount on the screen.
Either swipe or type in the card number
Receipt will be signed with finger
Patrons can choose either a text or email receipt
If patrons are using this to add money to their cards, don’t forget to add this amount to their library card.


The management station is the computer at Reference Desk B.  It contains the PC Reservation Management program, LPT One Print release terminal, and the User Account Manager.
PC Reservation Management opens automatically when the machine is turned on.  If for some reason it doesn't, there is a shortcut located in the Envisionware folder on the desktop.  This program needs to remain open at all times, but can be minimized to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.  It is important that PC Reservation Management is open and running before any other Internet computers are turned on.
 At closing, turn off monitors on A and B Reference desk computers, although you should close out Symphony and Internet.
To temporarily remove Envisionware from an individual computer, hold down control key and click on logo.  Password is found in the Reference Binder.
When SIRSI DYNIX is down, either system wide, or just at the library, patrons will not be able to log-on to the Internet computers.  They will see an Error Message.  To get around this and enable patrons to use the computers, follow these steps:
On Reference Computer B, go to PC Reservation management Console
Check to see if red circle in lower part of the box is on, which means it is not working.
Click on Configure on top of the box.
Click on System Options
Type in administrative password (found on Password sheet of Reference Binder)
Click on User Validation
Uncheck box, that says Require a Valid User
Reverse steps when SIRSI DYNIX connection is restored.
Guest passes will still work, so patrons can sign in with them.
Printing will still work.



If your computer freezes while using Symphony, use Ctrl-Alt-Del and then Task Manager to end the session.  If you need further assistance,  call RCLS, extension 230, and identify yourself and the number of the computer that is having difficulty. Computer ID numbers are posted on each computer.  There is a paper in the clear plastic notebook with the weekly schedule that will indicate who is on call at the system after 4pm weekdays and during weekend hours.  This link will take you to the Symphony Solutions Libguide custom created and maintained by RCLS librarians.

    * When the Symphony system is down for all of the libraries, Circulation notifies Reference.
    * Reference calls RCLS to report the problem.
    * RCLS will notify us if it is system wide, or merely a New City problem.
    * When we are back online and Symphony is working, RCLS is supposed to notify Circulation.
    * Circulation notifies each department that we are back online.
    * We cannot place holds for patron while Symphony is down; write all the information regarding  the hold, and we will place it when the system is back up.

Only the Business Manager has a key to the coin box. The copier by the Reference desk is black and white only, but can do duplex printing and has a bypass function so that patrons may make copies on their own paper.  The color printer handles all the computer print-outs.
 Double-sided (duplex) copies require twice the cost.  A double-side 8.5x14” color copy will be 70¢.  Only $1 bills accepted.
To make a copy:

1)      Insert money.  This will activate the full screen.
2)      B/W is the default.  Select Auto Color if desired and available.  Select paper size.
3)      Use auto feed on top.  Text side must be up.  Remove staples. (You must use the feed for duplex copying).
4)      Lift cover and place face down on glass snug into left upper corner.  Orientation does not matter for 8.5x11 originals.
5)      Enter quantity on keypad.
6)      Reduce or Enlarge using the Reduce/Enlarge button on lower right corner.  There are pre-set options or you can choose the percentage reduction/enlargement.
7)      Select two-sided or multiple image options if desired.
8)      Use Auto-Density in lower left corner if lightening/darkening is desired.
9)      Press the large Start button.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there are selections available that have to do with the properties of the original.
 Text:  for originals that are text-only
Text/Photo:  for originals that contain both
Photo:  image only
Pale:  original is light (such as written in pencil)
Generation Copy:  for something that has been copied numerous times and could use cleanup.
Using the Bypass Feature for patron-provided paper:

1)     Open the drawer on the right-hand side of the machine.  Place the original face down.   The little door remains open during copying.
2)      Select Bypass on the screen.  It may default to that when you open the side drawer.
3)      The size of the paper being used must be selected or it could cause jamming.
4)      When using letterhead or other pre-printed paper, the original and the printing paper must be placed in opposing direction.  For example, using letterhead, the original goes face down on the plate with the header towards the wall.  The letterhead paper goes into the bypass tray face down with the header towards the user.  You could also do this in reverse as long as the two items are placed in opposing direction.
 Other features:

To make a copy of an irregular-sized item (like a driver’s license), keep in mind that the default orientation for these is portrait.  Place your original accordingly.
Interrupt – if someone is doing a large job and another person just wants to do a quick copy.  The settings for the big job are saved while the second job is executed.  Let’s not encourage this.
 Sample copy – yes, you still have to pay.  If you’ve punched in a whole bunch of settings (including multiple copies), but then wanted to see a sample, use this.
 Energy Saver – kicks in after 60 idle minutes.  Press any key to wake up.
 Simplified Display – removes some options and provides a larger display.
 Clear Modes – restores to default settings.
 Clear/Stop – to stop a job


 We will be providing our own paper and changing our own toner.  Do not change the toner(s) until the indicator states that the cartridge is empty.  Taking out a cartridge and shaking it will not help. Removal/insertion involves a 90° turn clockwise/counterclockwise.  Custodians do not have keys to the coinbox: only the business manager has a key
 When turning off the machine, use the power button on keypad only.  Shutting down takes a little while.
The library has a scanner that enables users to scan documents to fax, e-mail, or save to a USB. The fee to fax is $1 per page.  It is a self-serve unit, and it requires the user to have an email address for a confirmation receipt.  If someone does not have an email address, we have a generic one they can use and the username and password are found in the Reference Binder.  Unfortunately, you cannot send a fax without an email address.
Please continue to use the fax in administration for business-related faxing, as we incur a fee every time someone faxes on our new scanner. To scan to a USB, use the little USB dock on the countertop.  To scan to a smartphone, a QR code is created that can be captured on a phone. The scanner hooked up to Envisionware, so we must collect fax money from the patrons.  We are also limiting users to thirty minute sessions on the scanner.
The library has wireless that is available throughout the library.  The network is called New City Library, and is accessed without a password or barcode.  If a patron says he or she can't access the wireless, check and see if other people are also having difficulty.
Call the system and they can check on the status and adjust what needs to be fixed.
If it is only that patron having difficulty connecting to the wireless, tell them to right click on setting and click and “Forget the Network”.  Reboot the device and that may fix the problem.  However, this does not work with Macs.

Wireless printing is available through a program called PrinterOn.  Patrons will access this through our home page.  Patrons can also download the PrinterOn app for use on their mobiles devices.  Once they have sent the print job, they will go to the print release station to obtain the printout. The Release My Print Job comes up with two choices on the screen.  The second option is the one to retrieve your wireless printout by typing in your email address and your available printouts will show up.  Follow directions on the screen for printing out.  Jobs will not be printed in advance, and they will be kept for 48 hours on the print release station.

We have charging cords at the desk for patrons to charge their Apple or Android devices.  They are kept in a plastic bag in the second drawer of the desk.  Please take a library card in exchange for the cord.

Podium Instructions
Podium is kept locked—keys are on Veronica’s desk (There should be a key at reference, let’s check together and make sure it’s there and labeled clearly)
Make sure power cords (one black and one blue) are plugged into the outlets
Unlock drawer and left door on the podium.  Right door can remain locked.
Turn on power button on top left of computer.
Already plugged into one of the USB ports is the connection to the wireless.
Unlock the top drawer which contains keyboard, microphone, clicker and mouse
Put the power on for each of them.
If something doesn’t work, change the battery.
Turn on monitor and click on box for user named ‘presenter’.
Presenter will plug his USB containing program into the drive
Turn on projector from the remote in the AV room.
Use the remote that is labeled Proj
Turn on Power
Setting should be RGB
Assisted Listening Devices
1. The assisted listening devices are currently located in a box on the same cart as the microphones. There are four devices. Take one device out of the bag.
2. Pair the device with a headphone. There are some in the box. They only have one earpiece which is normal for these devices.
3. The volume is also the power control. To turn on the device, raise the volume up from zero.
4. User puts in the headphone and it will pick up all sound produced by the A/V system.
5. Please return all devices to the box.
Procedure for Smart Board
Smart Board equipment resides in the laptop cart in Veronica’s office.  The key to the cart is on the first hook on the wall behind her desk.  Unlock the cart, the lock is tricky, be patient.  Remove the wireless mouse, keyboard and cup of pens from the top drawer of the cart.
Turn on mouse and keyboard.
Turn on power button on lower left of the Smartboard screen.  It will turn green and then blink until it is on.
Turn on power button on the black computer that is attached to  the back of the screen.
The log-in will come up on the screen.  The password is brewery.
When it turns on, the screen will look like a giant desktop.
Sound control is on the upper left side of the screen.  If you don’t need sound, turn it all the way down to 0.
The board is touch responsive.
Controls on the left side of the screen will allow you to highlight with your finger, or just use the cursor.
If unable to connect to the Internet, bring mouse down to the bottom of the invisible tool bar and check if the wireless Internet is connected.  You can disconnect and reconnect. To use the pens, make sure they are all situated in their cradles, along with the eraser.  The pen will write in the color of the cradle it sits in, regardless of the color of the pen itself.  To erase everything, make a big circle on the screen with the eraser and put a dot in the middle.
Smart Ink on the top right of the screen will allow you to chose pens, cursor, etc.
If screen is not synched properly, and links are not working, the screen might have to be re-calibrated.  To calibrate: Press down two buttons together and a target will appear on the screen.  Touch the pen to the middle of the target wherever it appears on the screen, and this will calibrate it.
To turn it off: Shut down the screen just like a regular computer using the keyboard.  Push the power button twice to shut it off. Turn off the power button on the computer in the back.  Turn off the keyboard and mouse and return them to the laptop cart, lock it up, hang up the key.


ANSER Manual online.

The phone number for RCLS is 243-3747.  The toll free number is 1-866-364-4329.  The fax number is 243-3739.  Whoever is working at the Help Desk will be able to offer assistance.




If patrons are using the Rockland Room computer:
       * Turn on the Rockland Room computer--the username is found on the password page in the binder.
       * This computer is connected to Envisionware, so the cost of the printouts will be deducted from the money on their card.
       * If they are using a guest pass, printouts will be released from the Release Print Job function on the Self Service Station.
Procedure for usage of Xbox or Wii console in Teen Room:

   1. Teens must have a library card in their possession to use the console.  Tell them to first go downstairs and check out the games they’re interested in.  Ask them to return to the reference desk when they have some games and are ready to play.  Only games can be played, no movies may be viewed.
   2. Check the age of the teen in Symphony.  They must be between the ages of 12 and 19.  Enter their name and barcode number in the small notebook we keep at the reference desk.  Clip their card to the notebook.  Note the time they start.  One hour per group.  If there is no demand, allow them to stay on.
   3. Using the key at reference, unlock the console.  Instruct the teens that they should not leave the equipment unattended, and that they have one hour guaranteed.  If another group asks the teens using the console to use it afterwards, they should remind the new group that they need to speak to the reference desk first.  They are not to hand over usage of the gaming console to another group.
   4. Tell them to return to the reference desk when they’re done.  Walk back to the cabinet with them and confirm that the console and the four controls (two Xbox and two Wii) are there and in good condition.  Lock up the cabinet and return their card.

    To answer telephone – pick up handset of ringing phone, and identify your department with a pleasant greeting (ex. Good morning, Reference, may I help you?
      To dial an outgoing line, dial 9 first.
     To transfer calls –Press transfer button, type in extension number, and press soft transfer key
     To place a call on hold, press the hold button
      To hear a voice mail from another extension, press # twice, enter extension where the   message is, enter your password, which is in the password sheet in the Ref binder.
     To page, pick up handset and press 350, and make announcement loudly and clearly. There is a slight delay after speaking, but continue. The library does not have a library-wide paging system, so the sound will only go out over the telephones.  Try to minimize usage of the paging system; it is a disturbance.
      If you want to pick up a call that is ringing at the other desk, press **  your extension number and ##
      Let voicemail pick up if you are busy with a patron.
       To change telephone message in the event of an emergency closing:
           Dial 9-634-4997
           Hit #
           Dial 750
           Password: In reference binder
           Dial 1 (to hear current message)
           Dial 2 (to undo)
           After beep, record new message  

Patron use of the telephones

Patrons are discouraged from using our reference desk telephones, but as we no longer have any pay phones, we must be reasonable.  Children and adults who don't have cell phones may call for transportation. Tell the patron to keep the conversation extremely brief, and remind them to dial 9 before dialing the telephone number.

Cell Phones

We do not permit loud cell phone conversations or audible cell phone ringers in the library.  If you see a patron using a cell phone in a loud tone of voice or in an extended conversation, politely inform him/her to lower their voices or take the call outside.



We have one digital scanner/microfilm reader, Scanpro 2000, in the cluster of four computers between Large Print and the computers by the window.  Envisionware is now installed on the microfilm reader. The patron must come to the desk where we will make a reservation for them on the "Microfilm" station, and then they can sign themselves in at the machine.  It will be a 1.5 hour limit with time extension available.  The time they spend on the microfilm will be deducted from their 6-hour allowance that we have set for public users on Envisionware.  No more using the guest cards, either, please.  Tell out-of-towners they need to get an internet-only card.  Please turn on this machine every morning as part of opening procedure.   The microfilm reader must be turned on first (the switch is in the back), and then the computer.  It is password protected and the password is  found in the reference binder. A diagram will pop up on the screen to explain how to load the microfilm onto the reader. There is a laminated “cheat sheet” which explains how to use the equipment.  It is hooked into LPT One, so paying for printing is done the same way as the other computers.


RCLS has contracted with Overdrive Media to provide all patrons with downloadable audio and ebooks.  To reach Overdrive from our website, click on “Find an Item” and then click on Download Digital Center, and one can get started from there.  If patrons have specific questions on how to download to their devices, it is very difficult to help them over the phone.The RCLS Overdrive homepage has a help page which is very good and has  customizable instructions for various formats and devices.  Overdrive is able to provide one on technical help to patrons.  Patrons may fill out the online form which is sent directly to Overdrive.



The library has subscriptions to Hoop-La (downloadable movies, tv shows, games, recorded books, ebooks and comics.)  It is featured on our website and has directions for use.  We also subscribe to Kanopy, which streams foreign, independent movies, documentaries, and Great Courses lectures.  On our database page, there is a link to Access Video on Demand which streams mostly informational videos and documentaries.



We now have Kindles available for check-out, replacing the old Nooks.  There are three with YA/Summer Reading titles and three with
Adult Fiction/Nonfiction Bestsellers.  Patrons will go to the Circulation desk to retrieve both case and device.  Bestsellers come in blue cases and YA/Summer Reading come in red cases.  You can view a full list of titles on this site: Borrowing rules are also listed there.  We have a list of titles at circulation (in the cabinet where they are housed) and at the adult reference desk.  We will not be adding additional titles to the Nooks, but we will continue to circulate them as long as they continue to function.  Please see Brian for any questions or purchase suggestions.


Chromebook laptops are available for in-library use by New City and West Nyack cardholders only, who must be 14 years of age and over.  Library accounts must be in good standing (fines less than $10.00) and a library card plus a photo ID must be presented at checkout.  One Chromebook may be checked out per library card.
The period of use is three hours.  One renewal of an additional three hours is permitted. Renewals can be done at the circulation desk or on your online library account.  Overdue finds are $2.00 per three-hour checkout period.  Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis at the circulation desk.  No reservations are accepted.  The Chromebook may be used anywhere within the building.  The unit must be returned to the circulation desk at least one half-hour before closing time.
Patrons 14-17 years of age must have this form signed in person by a parent or legal guardian with a valid New City or West Nyack library card in order to use the Chromebook.
By signing the form, patrons assume financial  responsibility for damage to or theft of the Chromebook, not to exceed $250.00.
While librarians are not responsible for the maintenance or circulation of the units, they should be able to assist patrons in using it.  No software is downloaded, and printing is available.  Patrons may sign in with their Google accounts if they have one, or sign in as a guest, if they don't.