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equitable discoveries

A guide for equity-centered resources highlighted in the equitable discoveries newsletter.

equitable discoveries

The Valley Cottage Library Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee had its first meeting in July 2021. Since then, we have been brainstorming ideas to ensure that the Valley Cottage Library is a welcoming space for our entire community.

In order to keep the staff informed of our progress, we decided it would be great to start a staff circulated email newsletter sharing the work of the committee and diversity-centered resources recommended by the VCL staff.

Within this guide you will find the recommendations for books, podcasts, movies and TV shows highlighted in all issues of the equitable discoveries newsletter.

VCL Diversity Committee Mission

The Valley Cottage Library Diversity Committee strives to represent the interests of all patrons and staff by encouraging diversity of thought to foster an inclusive culture and inspire connection and empathy throughout our community.