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A guide for equity-centered resources highlighted in the equitable discoveries newsletter.

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Reply All

Ep. 172: The Test Kitchen, Chapter 1
Ep. 173: The Test Kitchen, Chapter 2

Reply All is a podcast focusing on stories about the internet. In early 2021, one of the show's producers tried to do a multi-part exposé of a popular food magazine's workplace culture after tweets and stories circulated online that the magazine had (has?) a racist and toxic workplace. After the first two episodes were released, the series was scrapped because the producer and one of the hosts (who is also one of the creators) of the show are implicated in creating a toxic workplace of their own.

Since then, both the producer and the co-host/co-creator have departed from the show and the story remains unfinished.

Additional Resources:
A Message from the Staff of Reply All - An update on the future of The Test Kitchen series and PJ Vogt and Sruthi Pinnamaneni's departure.
The Test Kitchen Revisited - The Reply All team takes a look at the Test Kitchen, and what those mistakes mean for the future of the show.
What Went Wrong at Gimlet? by Nicholas Quah

 Why is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast

2/22/22: Treating Trans Youth with Dr. Izzy Lowell

What is gender-affirming health care? Around the country, there’s a Republican campaign to legislate and regulate the lives of trans youth. The most destructive of these efforts would bar trans youth in certain states from accessing gender-affirming treatment. Lowell’s practice covers 10 states across the South – and half of those have anti-trans health care bills on the docket. If they pass, it would become criminal for her to provide this care to many of her patients. Dr. Lowell joins this week to break down what exactly we mean when we talk about gender-affirming care, how the decision is made for kids and teens ready to transition, and the potentially devastating impact this legislation would have on their lives.

4/4/23: The Fixation on Anti-Trans Legislation with Chase Strangio

State legislatures have significantly advanced a record number of attacks aimed at restricting LGBTQ+ rights this year. Our guest this week points out that “the number one priority, without any ambiguity” of Republicans has been attacking trans people. Nearly half of the country could see health care bans for trans adolescents by May. This tidal wave of anti-trans legislation, which restricts gender affirming and medically necessary care, continues to have wide-ranging and deleterious impacts, especially on adolescents. Chase Strangio, who is transgender, is deputy director for Transgender Justice with the ACLU’s LGBT and HIV Project and a nationally recognized expert on trans rights. Strangio joins WITHpod to discuss how politics has eclipsed healthcare in some cases, anti-transgender legislation being used as a gateway to broader government control and why conversations about trans people is often predicated on fear and confusion. He also talks about the ongoing political and legislative fights to protect bodily autonomy, gender expression and personal freedom.

Civics 101: A Podcast

6/21/22: M, F & X: Gender Markers & Government Documents

The government issues IDs so we can prove who we say we are, and since the start, that’s included an expression of binary (male or female) gender. Now, some states - and even the federal government - are starting to change that.  

LGBTQ+ reporter Kate Sosin is our guide.


10/15/22: Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools Part 1
10/22/22: Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools Part 2

After decades of stripping away Native American identity from its students, a Catholic boarding school seeks to help the community heal. In a two-part collaboration with ICT (formerly Indian Country Today), we expose the painful legacy of boarding schools for Native children.