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Building Bridges Behind Bars

NYLA 2018 Annual Conference Presentation Randall Enos, Youth Services Consultant for Ramapo Catskill Library System

National Resource Center

Books for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals

The National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated

Books for parents, caregivers and professionals to read with children of the incarcerated

  • Ayer, Bonnie & Bigelow, Amy. If You Have a Parent in Jail Then This Book Is For You. Flynn School.  Burlington, Vermont. 1996.
  • Beal, Janice M. & Gilmore, Vanessa. 2008.  A Boy Named Rocky: A Coloring book for the Children of Incarcerated Parents.  Available at: http://www.4theloveofkids.com/wordpress/
  • Beaty, Daniel. 2013. Knock, Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me. New York: Little Brown.
  • Bell,S.D. Surviving the Chaos: Dontae’s Story: Children with Incarcerated Parents (iBelieve-uBelieve Youth Book Series) (Volume 1) 2013 norahS Youth Publications (older children/young adults)
  • Bender, Janet M. My Daddy is in Jail: Story, Discussion Guide, and Small Group
  • Activities for Grades K-5.  Chapin, S.C.: YouthLight, Inc.
  • Bergen, Suzanne & Hodgkins, Kathleen. 1997.  My Mom Went to Jail.  Madison, WI: The Rainbow Project, Inc.
  • Beesley, Leslie. Locked Away.2012. Bookemon: http://www.bookemon.com/book-profile/locked-away/178136
  • Beesley, Leslie. Happy Birthday Gabina 2013. http://www.bookemon.com/book-profile/happy-birthday-gabina/266980
  • Black, Frank. There are Some Real Special Kids in our Class. 1999.
  • A Visit with Mommy
  • A Visit with Daddy
  • Brisson, Pat & Caple, Laurie (Illustrator). 2004.   Mama Loves Me from Away. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press
  • Burch, Robert. 1999. Queenie Peavy. London: Puffin Books.
  • Butterworth, Oliver & Avishai, Susan (Illustrator). 1993. A Visit to the Big House. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.
  • Cain, Sandra, Speed, Margaret & Mukhida, Zul (Photographer). 1999.  Dad’s in Prison. London: A&C Black.
  • Crane, J. & Short, B. n.d.  Two in Every Hundred: Workbook for Older (school-age) children.  Nashville, TN: Reconciliation.  Order from: Reconciliation, 702 51st Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37209, (615) 292-6371.
  • Curcio, A. (2015). My daddy’s in jail. ICG Children’s
  • Dyches, R. W., & Garcia, E. (2011). Doogie’s dad. Berryville, AR: Children Left Behind
  • Dyches, R. W. (2011). Kofi’s mom. Berryville, AR: Children Left Behind
  • Ellis, S. (2016). Almost Like Visiting. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Futrell, Q. (2015). Our Mom’s (Living With Incarcerated Parents). Quniana Futrell, LLC.
  • Gesme, Carole, Kodpfmann, Michele & Schmoker, Lisa. 1993.   Help for Kids!
  • Understanding Your Feelings About Having A Parent in Prison or Jail For Kids Ages Six and Older.  Minneapolis, MN: Pine Press.  (6 years and older)
  • Harriman, Jeannie Lou and Kylie Ann Flye Waiting for Daddy 2013. Create Space Independent Publishing. 
  • Hayes, Margaret, Witherill, Jill & Pergrim, Lois A. 1989. My Daddy is in Prison. Johnstown, PA: Cambria County Community Action Council.
  • Hickman, Martha Whitmore. 1983.  When Can Daddy Come Home? Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.
  • Hickman, Martha Whitmore & Raymond, Larry (Illustrator). 1990. When Andy’s Father Went to Prison. Niles, IL: Albert Whitman and Company.  (K-5)
  • Higgens,M. The Night Dad Went to Jail. 2011.Picture Window Books
  • Jones, Donna. n.d.  Joey’s Visit.  Syracuse, NY: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County.
  • Kagy-Taylor, Kathy, Dansker, Donna. All About Change.  The Aring Institute Of Beech Acres. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1991. 
  • Kerniski, Ann. n.d. Keeping in Touch by Long Distance.  Syracuse, NY: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County.
  • Maury, Inez. 2002.  My Mother and I Are Growing Stronger. Berkeley, CA: New Seed, Press. 
  • Maldonado, Torrey. Secret Saturdays.2010.New York: Putnam.
  • Muhammad, B., Dr., & Muhammad, M. (2014). The Prison Alphabet (Project Iron Kids). Goldest Karat Publishing
  • Myers, Rebecca. Someone I Know Lives in Prison. 2013 order from http://www.asca.net/system/assets/attachments/6121/Book%20Order%20Form.pdf?1375408369 
  • Nelson, Julie. Families Change: A Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights (Kids Are Important) Free Spirit Publishing, 2006.
  • Paterson, Katherine. The Same Stuff as Stars.2002.Clarion Books. ( 10-14 year olds) 
  • Paratore, Colleen. Sunny Holiday.2009.Scholastic Press.
  • Penn, Audrey. The Kissing Hand. Child Welfare League of America. Atlanta, Georgia.1993.
  • Roznowski, Fran & Toyoshima, Tak (Illustrator). n.d.  Time to Go. Order a copy by sending $7 (includes postage) to: Fran Roznowski, 11 Cottage St., Chelsea, MA. 02150.
  • Speed, Margret, Cain, Sandra & Mukhida, Zul. Dad’s in Prsion. 1999.  London: A & C Black.
  • St. Pierre, Stephanie. 1994.  Everything You Need to Know When a Parent is in Jail. New York: Rosen Publishing Group.
  • Stanglin, Jackie A. & McGuckie, Cierra Jade. 2007.  Mami, Que es una Carcel? Centennial, CO: Lifevest Publishing, Inc
  • Stanglin, Jackie A. and McGuckie, Cierra Jade. 2006.  What is Jail, Mommy? Centennial, CO: Lifevest Publishing, Inc.  (Ages to 8)
  • Testa, Maria & Amanda Schaffer (Illustrator). 1996.  Nine Candles. Minneapolis, MN: Carol Rhoda Books.
  • Thompson, Blair. 1995. The Magic Quilt. Sundance Publishing ( out of print)
  • Vogel, Carol Lynne & Mulhollen, Amy. 1996.  My Mommy’s in Prison.  Pennsylvania: Southwest-South Central Pennsylvania AmeriCorps Program, The Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps.
  • Walker, Jan & Leonhard, Herb (Illustrator). 2006.  An Inmate’s Daughter.  Norris, MT: Raven Publishing of Montana.  (Grades 5 – 8)
  • Whitbold, Maureen. 2003.  Let’s Talk About When Your Parent is in Jail. New York: Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.
  • Williams, Vera B. 2001.  Amber was Brave, Essie was Smart. New York: Greenwillow.
  • Wittbold, Maureen. 1998.  Let’s Talk about When Your Parent is in Jail. New York: PowerKids Press.
  • Woodson, Jacqueline. 2002.  Our Gracie Aunt. New York: Hyperion.
  • Woodson, Jacqueline & Ransome, James (Illustrator). 2002.  Visiting Day.  New York: Scholastic Press. (Ages 4 – 8)