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Video Game Systems at RCLS: What to Buy?

American Libraries Article 2013

Serving Players Through Selection

Programs: What can I do with a Playstation 4 or XBOX One?

  • Both require an HDTV or HD Projector, be on the cutting edge for years to come!
  • Use Disney Infinity or Skylanders for a program. They both use plastic characters and a 'portal' to project the characters into the game. One player at a time but the others will watch and take turns.
  • Take turns playing or watch the games being played. Have popcorn (instead of stale movie nights).
  • Dance with PS4 and Just Dance (uses phone as camera)
  • Trivia with digital "You Don't Know Jack"
  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band are making a comeback in 2015
  • Have tournaments with sports games (Madden Football)
  • Watch Blu-Ray movies
  • Load demos of games on it and leave it out for anyone to try
  • Record your game session and post a channel to Twitch TV
  • Minecraft Challenges or free build

Programs: What Can I do with a Laptop

1. Install Steam and play Stanley Parable, Portal 2, Gone Home, Walking Dead, Nancy Drew and about 3000 other games! There are alot that you can play as a group by connecting your laptop to a TV/Projector (blue VGA or HDMI cable required).

2. Watch walkthrough YouTube Videos

3. Buy gaming rigs or laptops at Alienware for your YA area

4. League of Legends can be installed for 16+ age group