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Community Closet and Tech Trading Post: Museum Passes

The Community Closet and Tech Trading Post are two collections of unique and unexpected items that you may borrow the library providing access to a greater variety of shared resources.

Museum passes at your libraries!

Museum passes are available at both the Valley Cottage and the Nyack Libraries for borrowing by residents of the Nyack School District. Passes available at the Valley Cottage Library are in the box on the left, while passes available for borrowing at the Nyack Library are highlighted on the right. 

Please note: While cardholders from both libraries have reciprocal borrowing privileges at both the Valley Cottage and Nyack Libraries, loan policies, fines and related details may differ at each location. 

At the Valley Cottage Library

Please note: due to changes in visitor requirements for each museum, park, and garden, it is recommended to visit the museum website to obtain the latest visiting information.

How to borrow a pass from the VALLEY COTTAGE LIBRARY

Passes are available to borrow for Valley Cottage and Nyack Library cardholders over the age of 18 with the following loan protocol:

  • One pass per family, please
  • Three day loan period
  • $10/day overdue
  • Return only to the Valley Cottage Library
  • May be put into the bookdrop
  • No holds, but will be held for one hour via telephone. 

Guidelines for borrowing from the Nyack Library may be found at