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New to Fallsburg Library: New Juvenile Non-Fiction

Guide to new books and audio books available at the Fallsburg Library


I Am Anne Frank

Facing Divorce

If You Love Video games, You Could Be...

Celebrating All Cultures

Celebrating All Abilities

Kids Can Help Animals

Facing Bullying

Ayo's Awesome Adventures In...(series)

Where Is/Were...? (series)

Who Was/Is...? (series)

What Is the Civil Rights Movement?

Chance - Uri Shulevitz

Facing Death

If You Love Dolphins, You Could Be...

Celebrating All Religions

Kids Can Help Kids

Kids Can Help the Environment

The Truth About...

Bringing Back the Wolves

What Was\Were\Are\Is...?(series)

If I Swallow a Watermelon Seed Will One Start Growing In My Stomach?

If the World Is Round Then Why Is the Ground Flat?

Why Are Monkeys So Flexible?

Secret Garden of George Washington Carver

The League of Super Feminists

The Screaming Hairy Armadillo and 76 Other Animals with Weird, Wild Names

Facing Serious Illness

Celebrating All Appearances

Sometimes I Feel...

Kids Can Help Fight Poverty

I Am Leonaro da Vinci - Brad Meltzer


Can Cats Swim Even if They Don't Like Water?

Are There Monsters Under My Bed?

Is the Milky Way Made Out of Milk?

Are Robots Aware They're Robots?

A Voice Named Aretha