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New to Fallsburg Library: New Picture Books/Easy Readers

Guide to new books and audio books available at the Fallsburg Library

We will Rock Our Classmates - Ryan Higgins

This is a Dog - Ross Collins

Roy Digs Dirt - David Shannon

The Nest That Wren Built - Randi Sonenshine

Tiny T. Rex and the Very Dark Dark - Jonathan Stutzman

Pluto Gets the Call - Adam Rex

Lilah Tov, Goodnight - Ben Gundersheimer

Ducks - Deborah Underwood

Grama's Hug - Amy Nielander

Feel Better Book for Little Tears - Holly Brochmann

Bedtime for Sweet Creatures - Nikki Grimes

Cuddle Monkey - Blake Hellman

Ogilvy - Deborah Underwood

The Last Peach - Gus Gordon

Waiting for Chicken Smith - David Mackintosh

Mermaids Fast Asleep - Robin Riding

The Serious Goose - Jimmy Kimmel

You Matter - Christian Robinson

You Are Ready! - Eric Carle

Sorry (Really Sorry) - Joanna Colter

One of These is Not Like the Other - Barney Saltzberg

The Three Billy Goats Buenos - Susan Elya

Snail Crossing - Corey Tabor

Jack Goes West - Mac Barnett

Such A Good Boy - Marianna Coppo

Where Lily Isn't - Julie Paschkis

Wake Up, Color Pup - Taia Morley

Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe Youe Should Be a Vet! - Dr. Seuss

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog, and the Fiddle - David Litchfield

We're Going on a Treasure Hunt - Kelly DiPucchio

Tropical Terry - Jarvis

Just for Me - Jennifer Rolli

Hold Hands - Sara Varon

Night Before Groundhog Day - Natsha Wing

How to Read to a Grandma or Grandpa - Jean Reagan

Summer Song - Kevin Henkes

5-Minute Bedtime Stories - Kim Dean

You Are My Mother - P.D. Eastman

I Found a Kitty - Troy Cummings

The Bear Must Go On - Dev Petty

Sunny - Celia Krampien

Up On Bob - Mary Sullivan

Swim Swim Sink - Jenn Harney

Honey & Leon Take the High Road - Alan Cumming

President of the Jungle - André Rodrigues

The Great Gran Plan - Elli Woollard

Cheerful Chick - Martha Brockenbrough

Mighty Reader and the Big Freeze - Will Hillenbrand

Let's Have a Dog Party - Mikela Prevost

The Peculiar Pig - Joy Steuerwald

Love from the Crayons - Drew Daywalt