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A brief guide to Warwick's geology and its impact on our community

Native American Scrapers and Projectile Points

Tools like these were created by "pressure flaking".  You had to have the right kind of rock or this wouldn't work properly.  Note the smooth, dense texture of the stone.  Private local collection.

Stone House - Detail

One of the gable ends of the John Hathorn house.


Fossils like this found on a local mountain show us that during the Silurian and Devonian ages of the earth, Warwick was under the sea.  Fossils in which the actual body or shell of the  prehistoric creature like this has been replaced over time, are actually rocks. 

Franklin Marble - Warwickite

This black Warwickite crystal is in a chunk of the Franklin Marble.  Collected at Edenville, from a private collection.

Native American Grinding Stones and Hammerstones

Grinding food such as grains and nuts required a smooth stone.  Hammerstones would be used to "peck" off small bits to improve on nature and get the right shape.  Private local collection.

Iron Ore - Magnetite

Magnetite is one of the types of iron ore found here (that's a magnet sticking to it because of the high iron content)

Franklin Marble - Clintonite

This specimen of Clintonite (named for New York Governor DeWitt Clinton) was collected in Amity and is now part of the collection of the New York State Museum (NYSM 22418)

Franklin Marble - Corundum with Spinel

Corundum with Spinel, collected in Warwick.  Part of the New York State Museum collection (NYSM 21147)

Native American Celts or Hand Axes

A celt, or non-grooved stone axe, could serve several purposes such as warfare, cutting wood or as a hoe.  Private local collection.

Limestone Formations

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that can sometimes weather into very weird shapes. This one was found by a local resident. Most limestone is composed of tiny fragments of marine organisms such as coral and mollusks. Warwick's limestone is one visible trace of the fact that this land was once under the sea.

Franklin Marble - Spinel Crystal

Spinel crystal collected at Edenville, part of the Silas Young Collection at the New York State Museum (NYSM 12919)

Iron Ore - Hematite

Iron ore often has a reddish cast to it or looks "rusty."