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Summer Reading Club 2024: Adventure Begins At Your Library: FAQs

You have questions, we have answers!


When can I sign up?

Registration starts on Saturday, June 15.  The program will not close out, you can sign up at any time through August 15.


Where do I get my Welcome Bag?

After you register, head to the Children's Room to get your bag at any time but we recommend picking up on Ice Cream Kick Off Day - June 24!  


Are there different programs for different age groups? 

Nope! We got a lot of positive feedback from our more simplified approach in 2021. We will be tracking the number of days your child reads, or is read to, instead of minutes or number of books. The ReadSquared software will simply ask, "How many days did you read?". You can log in every day, or wait and put in several days at a time. A calendar sticker sheet has also been provided as an option for you to track off-screen at home before you enter it online. 


Do I have to log in the names of all the books my child read? 

We would like to keep track of the number of books read for our state report - feel free to just write the number of books you read in the title box instead of the book titles! You may also keep track on the paper log provided in your Welcome Kit.


Do e-books and audiobooks count?

Yes! You can access our collection of online books via Libby, Hoopla and Tumblebooks. 


When can we come in to report books and pick up prizes?   

Our volunteers are ready to talk to you about what you've been reading. Bring your books!  However, you should still log the days that you read on ReadSquared before you arrive so we can make sure you get your prizes!

Volunteers will be available:

Mondays - Thursdays: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturdays: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

No book reporting on Fridays. 


Where did the Brag Tags go?

Based on patron feedback and cost, we decided to go back to simply Book Bucks and the Prize Store. 


There are paper logs in my Welcome Bag. What do I use them for?

Your child can use these sheet as a physical way to track their reading on their own. Put them on the fridge as motivation!  They can give themselves one of the stickers provided for each day that they have read, or have been read to, and write down the titles. This is totally optional - we just wanted to add a non-digital way for in-home tracking. Just be sure to enter the days read into ReadSquared so they can earn their points towards their levels! 


I don't want to use the app, can my kids still participate?

Absolutely! Use your paper calendar to track and bring it every time you come to collect prizes. We will still need to collect some information from you to create an account for us to use to keep track of your progress.