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Book Discussion Guide: A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton: Series

Kinsey Milhone Mysteries

1. A is for alibi 
2. B is for burglar
3. C is for corpse
4. D is for deadbeat
5. E is for evidence
6. F is for fugitive
7. G is for gumshoe
8. H is for homicide
9. I is for innocent
10. J is for judgment
11. K is for killer
12. L is for lawless
13. M is for malice
14. N is for noose
15. O is for outlaw
16. P is for peril
17. Q is for quarry
18. R is for ricochet
19. S is for silence
20. T is for trespass
21. U is for undertow
22. V is for vengeance
23. W is for wasted