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Goshen Genealogy: Church Records

A guide to the genealogical resources in the Local History Collection at the Goshen Public Library.

Church Records

Our Chuch Records Collection includes histories and compilations of records of local churches. Within the records, you can find documentation for family membership to a church (which is helpful in pinpointing times and locations of ancestors' residence), marriages, deaths, births, and baptisms, as well as historical information for the church itself, and the pastors or priests of the church.

Some of our church records go back as far as 1767 and up through the 1960's.

Scroll down for a list of the books in our collection and the churches they cover.



Records of the Florida, New York Presbyterian Church (Sharts 974.7951 Flo)

Copies of the Rev. Jonathan Elmer's records from Florida, NY 1750 - 1757.


A Century on Main Street the Centennial Period, 1978 - 1984 Goshen United Methodist Chruch Goshen, NY compiled by Roy W. Croswell (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)

A compendium of letters, reports, programs, meetings, projects, actiities, services, photographs, newspaper reports, receptions, meals, picnics, recordings, remarks, sermons, tours, souvenirs, and other miscellaneous items that advise upon the extent our the activities which took place during the Centennial Period.


Early Baptismal & Marriage Records Methodist Episcopal Church Goshen, NY 1851 - 1912 copied by Lee and Jeanne Krish (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)


Register of St. James Protestant Episcopal Church Goshen 1796 - 1874 by (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)

The Register of St. James Protestant Episcopal Church at Goshen, Orange County, N.Y.


Early Records of the St James Episcopal Chruch of Goshen, New York published by The Orange County Genealogical Society, Goshen, New York (Sharts 974.7950 Ear)

Contains transcriptions of three types of records: baptisms, marriages, and funerals between 1799 and 1911.


A Tower of the Lord in the Land of Goshen prepared by Mildred Parker Seese

A hisory writtern in commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen, New York 1720 - 1945.


Church Records of the Goshen Presbyterian Church by Tuthill (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)


The Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York from 1767 to 1885 compiled by Charles C. Coleman (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)

Record of Marriages, 1776 - 1885. Register of Members 1767 - 1850. Record of Deaths 1805 - 1850. Register of Baptisms, 1773 - 1851.


After Two-Hundred Fifty Years A History of the Tenth Quarter Century 1946 - 1970 The First Presbyterian Church in Goshen by Augustus Cuddeback Wallace (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)

A chronicle of the Goshen people in Goshen Church from 225th Anniversary in 1945 to 250th Anniversary in 1970.


St. John the Evangelist Goshen, N.Y. by T.J.V. Cullen (Sharts 974.7950 Gos)


History of the First Prebyterian Church of Monroe N.Y. edited by Mrs. C. Arthur Brooks (Sharts 974.7951 Mon)


History of the Congregational Church of Blooming Grove, N.Y. by A. Elwood Corning (Sharts 974.7951 Blo)

A history of the Church published in 1929.


Warwick Dutch Reform Church Records 1800 thru 1843 (Sharts 974.7951 Rec)

A record of Baptisms and Marriages with an Index.


First Baptist Church Wverly, N.Y. Tioga County (Sharts)

Directory of Church members and officers from 1918.


Graham Church Records United Presbyterian Church Pine Bush Orange County, NY copied and compiled by Gertrude A. Barber (Sharts 974.7951 Pin)

Records for sealing ordinances from 1802 to 1895 with Index.


Hamptonburgh Presbyterian Church (Sharts 974.7951 Ham)

Records for the church 1796 - 1886 formerly in Hamptonburgh, now in Campbell Hall.


Centennial Memorial edited by Archibald C. Niven (Sharts 974.7951 Niv)

A Record of the Proceedings on the Occasion of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the A. R. Presbyterian Church of Little Britain, New York.


Reformed Church at Machackemack (Deer Park) Orange County, New York copied, typed, and indexed by Mrs. Jean D. Wordern (Sharts 974.7951 Wor)

Includes records of baptisms, marriages, church membership, grave stone inscriptions, a picture of the Machachemech Burying Ground, a map of the burying ground, and Deer Park Days.


Old Churches of Orange County New York compiled by Albert S. Moffat (Sharts 974.795 Mof)

Perpetuating the memory of the heroic pioneers, who founded those historic old churches, recording their many virtues, honest religious faith, and patriotic courage without in the least reflecting upon the religious belief of any sect or creed.


A Church & a Village Grow Up by Gertrude B. Mentley (Sharts 974.7951 Mid)

A history of the Grace Church of Middletown dating back to before it was built in 1840 through 1963.


Centennial History of the Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church by George Adams Boyd (Sharts 974.7951 Mid)

A history of the Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church from 1854 to 1953.

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