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Religion Resources from the Newburgh Free Library: Home

A Guide to books, databases and websites pertaining to religion

Religion Resources from the Newburgh Free Library

Welcome to the Religion Subject Guide of the Newburgh Free Library. We hope the resources linked here will be helpful. The online world of religion is remarkably rich and diverse, and so this guide is always under construction, and we welcome suggestions for useful websites and online resources.  If you would like to see something added to these pages, just send a link to us at, and we'll consider it for inclusion.

Please note that we have recently added a tab about religion and war, with sections on both basic principles, as well as the Russian war against Ukraine.



Reference Books on Religion

Books about religion can be found by searching our catalog, but we've chosen to highlight a few especially useful sources here.

Useful Websites about Religion

Websites that focus on a specific religion, or represent a particular religious instiution, such as a church or denomination, will be found on the respective page for that religion. Here we Have listed a few sites with a more general focus. Religion departments of various media outlets, such as the New York Times, are shown in the next box below this one.