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Destination Vacation: New York State National Parks

Welcome to the Empire State! Let the Tappan Library assist you in exploring all corners of New York.

National Parks in New York State

The State of New York is home to 23 National Parks that include one World Heritage site, The Statue of Liberty, and four National Heritage Areas. They run the gamut from historical buildings to acres of outdoor beauty.

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Niagra Falls National Heritage Site


The Niagara Falls National Heritage Area

This area encompasses the towns of Niagara Falls, Lewiston and Youngstown. Hop on the Discover Niagara shuttle in order to explore historic sites, state parks and museums. 


Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site: Val-Kill



Val-Kill is only National Historic Site dedicated to a first lady, Val-Kill welcomes visitors in the style of Mrs. Roosevelt.

Ellis Island

Canopy and Southwest Tower of Main Immigration Building on Ellis Island

Ellis Island

During its 32 year history as America's largest and busiest immigration center, Ellis Island processed over 12 million immigrants. A visit to this center will take you through that process through the eyes of those who worked there and those who came to the Island of Hope in order to enter the United States.