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Knitting for Community Service: FAQs

YA students can earn 10 community service hours by knitting a scarf or hat.


I can not seem to start the project correctly. Where can I get help? 

     If you are still having problems after watching the
Basic How-to-Knit  video which covers all the stitches for making the scarf,  here are some suggestions:

  • First practice the stitches demonstrated on the video to create a sample swatch until you are comfortable and satisfied with the results.  Try not to let too much time pass between each attempt; newly acquired skills require practice.

  • Winding the yarn too tightly around the needle while knitting can make it difficult to knit in general.  Learn to make your loops uniformly relaxed, but not too loose; it should not be difficult to insert the needle in the loop.

  • If you are new to knitting, start with the scarf project. 

  •  If you find you need help starting, call the Valley Cottage Library at (845) 268-7700 at least two weeks before your project is due.   Young Adult Librarian, Katrina Hohlfeld,  will call you back to set up a convenient appointment.

  • Borrow one of the suggested reading books (click tab above) from the Valley Cottage Library. They have helpful diagrams.

  • You can ask an older relative who knows how to knit to help you.