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Visiting Tappan, New York: The Virtual Tour

Area historical attractions.

Tappan: A Video Walking Tour

Janet and Gil Galloway, residents of Tappan for 40+ years, produced a 50 minute tour of Tappan in DVD format, which the library has made available online for our patrons.

The video takes a quick look at the major sites and returns to each in greater detail.  It also includes sites not visited in the walking tour (the cemetery,  Andre Hill, Shanks Village, the site of Washington’s encampment, and along what used to be Tappan Sloat to the Piermont Pier.) 


Andre Monument

Major John Andre Monument. Added to the National Register of Historical Places (Site - #06001001) in 2006.

Also known as Site of Major John Andre's Hanging and Burial 42 Andre Hill, Tappan, NY.